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Bedford Free Public Library 
Bedford, Massachusetts 01730 

Home of the Bedford Flag 

The Bedford Hap,, commissioned to Cornet John 
Page in 1737 by King George II of England, was 
carried by his son, Nathaniel, who fought with the 
Bedford Minutemen at the Battle of Concord 
Bridge, April 19, 1775 

JUL 2010 

J I 

oooODiKal [BdttCi) [B 8 D D @ CLD □ [TQ 

\Vj wirftaftt8^ y iiiiirJiiBftTft 

'mi. '.: 

:-l .1 


Define: 2010 

2010. A school year like any other. 180 days. September to June. Tests, sports, clubs. Day-to-day 
highs and lows. The same as any oth er vear,_rjgh.t?^\MelLif y ou said yes, we beg to differ. 
2010 was no ordinary year. It brou^l^^g^^g^Sg^^^^ade and the start of another. For us 
at BHS, 2010 really began on S e pte m bjeM8j: r^ ^^©I©!a^ ma?pr i g rn tffilT^ s ej ayjnm o rn i n g when teachers smiled and 
eased their students, still drowsy froj^ffi^^upagefore noon , t.ojf t h ej i rsfiti ike in three months, into the new 
year. That day when freshmen wal kelilli rfltolB IfeJor the first time .asfsSjaenvtsyni awe of high school and all its 


jght back our 
More than 40 

BHS students helpedTe^jvelfje WrograrT^andWth^gicess^^^^pl Hans inJtrieiJfiTTal competition. After 
the season was over, we retumellto the tradition^of the TourrBmStT 
top prize for their play "Anamily'fjthe story of Emily Gao amd 

also re c o rd eaK^^^Sseas^^a n d / ensW.oVt h eiM^eej n t h ej^ears s p o rtsTEsroryl 
marching bancHgig ger^ d^tro^ger t han e j ^ jjafpfray^ 

i the 

uiii^j™^j|gg^s,|ij w^hich the juniors claimed the 
Jd fBJ^^psion to insgity. As winter settled in, 

we saw our swim and dive, h oc ke^i n d o o fytrac k, and girls basketball teams recGjrdfa^astic seasons. This year's 
musical, The /v^jsic M jUjjore w a r ( c iwd s and ^rovec^ a livel^no'e^bllent show. 
The big story of 2010 aflBHS. however, was^theirise^HI^ basketballEeam. The team, under the 
leadership of Cap tains Mike Sgin and M jj^^SS^^^^pjjS t ^^^^^ i ^^^^^^^2^^^g^^h^^^r^^^in n i n g 
victory over th e^yyWe'c nHYgeSnVin«i nte nte^aTrre^fMrSSan^^ ey 
went on to play aHln^TiB^ardej^^ teaiTfd^r^ 
to the state final, BHS was proud-toj^^^wemon throughout tne*s^^SatgliTCl|^r^^ 
could not have done this w Ttao St' tne^uSx) rt of theijySuperfans, who^esser^tjaN^^ame honorary members 
of the cheerleading squad unde^thFleadership of Mrs. Beth Billouir^Of o^^rtney could not have done 
II they did without the inspiratioj3aSd confidence of their Coach, A/ffjim Bwrje^lt is for this reason that the 

^oach Byrres^or^h|e^no^Dus spirit^n^jg^ed in the students. They 
^perfan Nation, and we all united inlanilextra^^ rush to 

get amped for each game. 

Bfcear, and the world changeMaiioi^itijliMyB as 

all they did without the inspiration 
book is dedicated to MrsiBjllMi" 
truly awakenedia 


Barack Obama 

to be e I e c t e.dli MlMass'sefoto Sj ettsj^ 

^•and Scott Brown 
|iSaire:d. by the' 

and Joannie R^J5^^Ej^^|]^^^j^^^^^^^^jiinter O lyijrMifeswAiK^^ S h o re" 

captivated the attention^rme^wSgj^^f to help 

the impoverished Haitian people after an ^SSMpfoevastated their country. 
This, BHS, was the year 2010. As it comes to a relSje jIetsnot forget to remember the good times we 
all had this year, and those that may not have been^ngood. This year brought us inspiration and motivation, 
trials and tribulations, and we all got to be a part of it. In the end, we're all better people for it, and a stronger 
BHS. For as much as we may have laughed at the omniscient "WE ARE BHS" signs around the school, the reality 

is true. This is what we are, and what we always will be: BHS. 

- Senior Editors-ln-Chief Matt Bowers and Jen Purks 


School's finally out. You&ejslaved for 10/monthl 
yoif ve got 1 ots^oftfrcei t 1 inc. W hat- do 
take it easy^cHi ll^with friends! 
travel rorJa ttend a. summer 

fIywent*to}Italy^ Switzerland, Morocco, Spain, Germany? and Romania! 


■ i 

Barrie^yReef^PaTso^vent to a hot s 

10th to Augi 


e riding ove 
:rnadino Mc 


t* \ ■ wi a ft] 

fufoflsyjifcT: kfl 1*1 1 1 

Samantha Brown Molly Cain Amy Campbell Kevin Cangiano 


Heather Kaufmann 

Nicholas Kemperman 

Sophia Kesler 

Daniel Kipp 


ark Mallett 

Michael Maloney-Ward 

Timothy McDonald 

Aileen McGrory 

Brittiani Miller 

Ryan Molloy 





Time tip-toes past us until all we can 

Nicole Yen 

Justin Yeung 


laugh at how loud we were. 

Let's anesthetize now, marinate in the'moment, savor the silence, and become amber 

fossils left for the future. 

Michael Zelixon 


Davis School 

| Elementary 


I m ^E/? 
J^j^ Barry • Hannah 
K&r Levenson-NicpleYen ^| 
• Bobby Piccarillo ■ Els Vte 
Crijns • Scott Johnson • Matt 
Tiano • Amanda O'Donnell 
• Judy Chong • Robert Hinkle 

T a .g g a r t 

•Zach Inz 
•Tim Pike 
■Ben Rose 

N i e d e I s 
D i r r a n e 
•Paul Klein 
•Alex Ball 
C h i n g 
F I y. n n 
• N a [ e e 
I e n k i n s 
•t) Walsh 
M o t t o I o Mr 
■Phil Beecy /Nl 
•Sam Karanian 
• Mike Zelixon 
• I r i s t a n 
Osgood -Leon 


! %*~: 

Barnes -Nikki 
L e s p a s i o 
• I a in e s 
Washer Jm 
Kesler jf§ 
•Walter ygt 
Vega Jm 

' 9 r e § /| 


P u r k s jggEflfflel 

F o t i s 

•Amos Oliver • Matt Davis • Jill Kran., 
•Ryan Shaw • Robert Maxon • Kira 
Topeka -Alex Kovacs • james Wang 

• Irena Rjmkus • Andrew Landman 

• Trey Pizarro • Andrew Thomas 

• Tori O Connor • Mike Maloney- 
Ward • Brandon Watson • Cheyenne 
Fox Tree- McC rath • Nevin Whalley 
•Nick Kemperman • Sara Neto 


M a I I e t t 
A) Moorehead 
Zach Donahue 
Syndhia Mungalachetty 
f ' ' "" • Brandon 

•Cotter Ellis 

Var Whiteneck 
P e r r i n e 
M a n y a 
a r t a 


• M i r e I I a 
Phil Sands- 
A I y s s a 
K r i s t i n a 
C i g j j o 
S t r u i j k • 
Ravi-AI I i 
Rubin- Sam 
G raessle 
B a k e 



P i s e r i 
C u r t i 

d g 

x gg ,ero , 
A r n o I 


B e r m a 

H u e m m 

Tr e m b I ai 



C I a r 


Barr • Nic 

• M a r i j k 

S h rey a 

D e s i a t o 



S t i m s o n 



• I a n i n e 



Brittiani Miller 

George Phillos • Harry 
Markuse • CaJlieAnderson ^ 
• C o r a I O ' C o n n o r 
A m a n d a R o p e r s 
l W^. • M o I I y C a i n 
t^^^ ■ I a ke B o p r a d - ^j^ ST 
Denton Jfcf 

; mourn 

Mr - Dan 

^Mr K 1 P P 

K C 


Chelsea Graybeal 
R u gg i e r o 

• K e I s e y 

• T i m 

• M a r i e 1 1 e 
V a I e r i 
H a n k i n s 

• A I y s s a 
P u c h a c z 
e n I m s o n g 

W e n d y L i n 
RachelS korupk a 


^^^^ ^^mB 

djpr -Chris ^W&j 
jWr Bridgeman 
-Dylan Koundakjian 
r^r -NatashaShropshire 
• ) a m i e 
• C h i k y 

• A i I e e n 

B r i a n n a 
Z a c h 
C o e 
John Isnor 
A n o u s h 
N i z h u m 

• K r i s t e n 

S a h i I 

|^ - ShelbySullivan ifiS 
•MikeThorsen JB| 
Amy Ca m p be 1 ! 
*12^ Sean 



McConnell ¥§y 
M cG rory 
H i g g i n s 
Land -Katie 

•Sarah Cook 
A r a k e I i a n 
G a u I t 
R e n n i c h 
I o t f r e d o /§j 
Tembulkar It- 

D ifcw c A Uh on i» 

BHS is unique in the way that we are comprised of students from three distinct communities: Bedford, 
Boston, and Honscom Air Force Base. Freshman year is the first time that the Hanscom students 
enter our eclectic mix. Many of these students have lived across the 
country and around the world. Some in our school have also 

come on exchange or lived abroad for an extended 
period of time. This map highlights the se^rs wh& 
have come from these walks of life and ^IV^^ 
came fo/n the last 4 years, enriching 
the community that makes us all BHS. 


"I've been fo 43 of the 50 states. Moving 
across the country, I've seen Niagara Falls, 
the Grand Canyon, the Capitol, and other in- 
teresting places. I've seen a bit of everyone's 
perspective, so I like to think that I have an open mind. There are times I wish I could 
stay in one place, but for everything I lose in moving, I gain more in new places. 

"My favorite place I've lived 
would have to be America! Due| 
fo the fact that I love each and 
I every place for completely dif- I 
■| ferenf reasons. You really can't | 
compare geography fo people 
to food, its like comparing 
^ apples to envelopes." j 

"My favorite part about moving is^eing aoleto ex- ^ 
p/ore new places and 
| make new friends. It gets difficult sometimes being the | 
new kid, but it always works out a few months later. 
Some people might think that 
| moving wouldn't be fun, but it has opened my eyes to | 
1^ a wide ranq^of new experiences." 

"'/Ve been to I? schools in 72* 
"years... moving isn't my thing."^ 


'The meaning of life is to give life a meaning" 

Mom and Dad: You've always been there for 
me, whether it was going to my dance recitals 
when I was a little girl, or going to my Field Hockey 
games, and having to learn the rules game-by-game. 
Bam and Papa: Thanks so much for being my home away from home 
and always being there for me. 

Elliana: You're one pretty cool 7th grader, and your always ready 
to try new things with me, and It was always fun watching you 
play sports. 

Marina: Without you I wouldn't be half as awesome as I am. 
because you were always willing to watch scary movies 
with me. It was always fun when there was soccer and 
field hockey spirit on the same days and we would 
try to outdo each other. Especially since you made 

I am going to Duke 
University in the fall to 
study medicine. I hope to 
settle down and have a solid 
j ob at a hospital, and eventually 
open a private practice." 


"During my high school years 
I have learned all the essential 
facts of life: that math is like 
a big kilbasa, that 'cheatador' 

varsity your freshman year. / / 'is a fun Spanish word, that 

Ms. Dresser: Thank you for helping me through / a stick sharpened at both ends is bad news, that 
my junior and senior years. It has definitely 
been an experience I will not forget. 

Especially when you told me to stay 
"sassy" almost every day. 
Ms. Hatfield, and Mrs. G: Thank 
you for helping me succeed in my 
education for the past two years. 
Thanks everyone, family and 
friends for helping me find the 
meaning of life and helping 
me on my way to giving 
my life meaning. 


'cheatador' is not a real Spanish word, that Hitler liked 
chocolate cake, and that the answer is evolution. These 
important bits of knowledge will undoubtedly propel me 
to success while I study biology in college. Thanks, BHS!" 

ELS CRIJNS: "Even though I've only been here for one 
year, it has been amazing. Bedford High School is completely 
different tha n my last school and at the same time also very 
similar. Everyone was so welcoming and kind, 
and I've made a lot of new friends. Next year I'll be 
going back to Belgium to study at the university. If 
you are ever around, feel free to come and visit me! " 

AREN IMSONG: "The last four years 
of my high school career have been 
like a crazy rollercoaster. I have gone 
through so much and learned even 
more in such a short period of time. 
I have met great friends and even lost some. But, I am / 
very excited for new experiences and new friends. 

in college that will shape who I am in the future 

'To the family, thanks for everything. I 
honestly don't know where I'd be if it 
weren't for you guys pushing me every 
second of my life. Mom, I know I hated it 
when you'd get upset about what seemed 
like the smallest things when it came to 
my schoolwork, but if it weren't for you I'd 
probably still be a freshman. Dad, what is there 
to say, I don't know anyone whose a bigger goof. 

»• "I see myself either working as 
a broadcast journalist in sports or working 
in the front office of a professional sports 
organization. Working on BHS Live and The 
Lookout has been a tremendous experience 
because I felt like I was 

Thanks for being there as a coach, chauffeur, and 
free Laundromat. Ashley, I don't think there's a 
brother and sister out there that get along as well 
as we do, we are so nice to each other and never 
fight. . . Ha, I can dream cant I? But seriously, even 

contributing to the 
school environment 
while gaining valuable 


"Everything about college 
excites me- -I'll be attending 
Lee University in 
Cleveland, Tennessee. I'm 
going to study history to 
become a high school 

with all the bickering and fighting you still managed 
to help me whenever I needed it. Plus, I cant think of 
a sister who would let their brother borrow their car for 
almost the entire summer. I can't forget Aunt K-K, who 
else has an aunt that brought them to the zoo, aquarium, and 
Disney World about a thousand times each, and on top of that 
be my own English tutor. Thanks for everything, I don't know 
how I could've written all those essays without you. Grandma 
and Grandpa, if mom wasn't there to push me to do better, you 
certainly were, even if you did spoil me in the process, but hey, I'm 
not complaining about that. Uncle Garrick, I'm looking forward to 
the pancakes this Saturday, what will that be? Batch one thousand 
something? Thanks for always filling me up when I needed a meal, and 
for driving me around when no one else could. Oh yeah, Uncle Rick, 
thanks for kickin' my butt every once and a while, you sure know how to 
keep a kid in line. Thanks for everything 
guys, I love you and I know you'll always be| 
there for me. 

*Senior Thanks Continued on Page 174 

"Traveling to France and Italy was my 
best and most memorable experience 
at BHS. I will never look at the world 
the same. We saw so many great sites 
and ate so many different types of food, 
but it would not have been the same 
without the awesome group of people 
I traveled with." - Jen Purks 

France -Italy 
I I Trip I I 

"April in Paris? What could 
be better? How about 
April in Paris, Avignon, 
Orange, Nimes, and Rome 
with Simone as our guide. 
Andiamo!" -Ben Bosco 

trip to Belize and Guatemala was 
absolutely amazing! I'd never been to that 
part of the world before. I got to see so many 
amazing plants and animals. I also got to 
do things I'd never done before, like horse- 
back riding through the jungle, climbing up 
Mayan ruins, coDecting giant conch shells, 
spelunking in a cave, and even swimming 
with wild dolphins." -Amanda O'Donnell 


Patrick Coady 
Jacqueline Cohen 
Andrew Colgan 
James Collins 
Rachel Cooley 

Ryan Creagh 
Michaela Criniti 
Kevin Criscione 
Michael Cusack-Fitzgerald 
Alexander Cuti 

Rebecca Darby 
Catherine Davidson 
Taylor Dawson 
Cullen Deas 
Taylor De La Pena 

Nick DePace 
Anne Dickinson-Meltz 
Brian Dizio 
Emma Dombkowski 
Sean Donnellan 

Nicholas Donovan 
Jessica Doucette 
Holly Drake 
Jessica Dumont 
Rachel Dushman 

Jessica Dyment 
Marcos Enrique; 
Hilana Ezekiel 
Francis Fay 
Jeffrey Ferro 

Barbara Feuerstein 
Benjamin Fine 
Kylie Foy 
Kaitlyn Fnden 
Emily Gao 





MP x 







Tyler Pierce 
Christopher Potter 
Benjamin Radio 
Sonya Rauschenbach 
Jessica Reed 

Joel Reubenstein 
Margaret Rhodes 
Michael Ringuette 
Nathan Rogers 
Marci Rohtstein 

Julia Romanelli 
Tessa Rosenberry 
Robert Santamana 
Adela Scharff 
Nathaniel Scholnick 

Elizabeth Seibert 
Julia Seibert 
Madeline Seibert 
Travis Sell 
Adrienne Silver 

Caroline Slak 
Kyle Smallenberger 
Justin Smith 
Jonathan Soldan 
Perry Soohoo 

Richard Spaulding 
Taylor Stokowski 
Joshua Stretch 
Robert Taggart, Jr 
Lynnelle Thompson 




Class Officers: Bottom Row: President Jacob 
Margolis and Secretary Marissa Citrano. 
Top Row: Vice President Sam Markuse and 
Treasurer Austin O'Connor. 

Hannah Kim 
Seowon Kim 
Zoe Kipp 
Benjamin Knicely 
Justin Kovacs 

Shea Kuhl 
Katie Kwan 
Forrest Lacy 
Melissa Landman 
Daniel LaRue 

Jayson Latady 
Leah Laukien 
Conor Lavery 
Claudia Lawry 
David Lee 

Kelsey Lee 
Kevin Leskouski 
Shaleyah Lewis 
Joseph Linden 
John Linnehan 

Maria Linnehan 
Samuel List 
Katherine Luczai 
Amanda Luniewicz 
Chandler Maagoul 

Mark MacLeod 
Makenzie Maddox 
Erin Mahoney 
Michael Mahoney 
Sheldon Maloney 

Peter Manning 
Phengnia Mao 
Samantha Marchesini 
Hannah Mardini 
Jacob Margolis 

Samuel Markuse 
Justin Marling 
Michael Marshall 
Alaina Martines 
Zachery Mayo 

Molly McCarthy 
Colton McOaniel 
Nickolas McElrath 
Lori Merlo 
Kaylan Merring 



Faculty & Staff 

Now & Then 


Dotty Blake 
Dave Boschetto 
Janet Brady 
Bill Brincklow 
Marcia Burns 

Dana Button 
Kathryn Cardinal 
Marylin Carlo 
Richard Carson 
Brenda Cella 

Joe Colbert 
Sue Collins 
Kim Comeiro 
Kevin Connolly 

Shawn Daley 
Whitney Davis 
Brian DeChellis 
Aleta Devaney 

Diane Dinitto 


Jesse Dix 
Richard Donnelly 
Jaclyn Doran 
Cassie Dresser 
Estee Dubitsky 

Christopher Edris 
Amanda Faulkner 
Jim Felker 
Jennifer Ferro 
Matt Fideler 

Lisa Flannery 
Justine Flora 
Karen Ford 
Jerome Freedman 
Celia Gisone 

Kelly Giusti 
Michael Griffin 
Evan Grunwald 
Linda Gustafson 
Janel Halupowski 

Gail Hannon 
Jane Harvey 
Joel Hebert 
Liana Heldman 
Polly Herz 

Jane Higgins 
Donna Higson 
Colleen Irving 
Cathy Jordan 
Christine Kirkpatrick 


Heather Kurzman 
John Lahiff 

Christine Larimore 
Cintia Laurencio 
Bernard LeClerc 

Sarah Leshay 
Arthur Lew 
Allison Lohrum 
Ken Lord 
Mon Luke 

Sandy Maczko 
Phillip Maffa 
Keith Mangan 
Ashley Martell 
Sharon McDonald 

Sean McGowan 
Antigone McHugh 
Osvaldo Mejia 
Patricia Messenger 
Ann Milligan 

Lisa Morrison 
Patrick Morrissey 
Nicole O'Toole 
Jerry Peters 
Jeanie Piantedosi 

Diane Pritchett 
Bill Rimsa 
Matt Rose 
Sue Rozen 
Diane Ryan 

Deb Sakelakos 
Marylou Sallee 
Karen Santos 
Kim Santos 
Lynn Sheehan 

Lawrence Sheinfeld 
Jon Sills 
Jeanne Smyth 
Scott Stief 
Kelly Sullivan 

Maureen Sullivan 
James Sunderland 
Jacqueline Supprise 
Alan Sutkus 
Lucas Taddeo, Jr. 

Carrie Taylor 
Denise Terenzoni 
Nancy Thorsen 
Kristen Tocci 
Janine Towle 

Kevin Tracey 
Carol Twombly 
Cheryl Valeriani 
Kathy Vankuilenburg 
Laurie Venuti 

Paula Verrier 
Kristen Vogel 
Dennis Walsh 
Joe Zahka 
Chris Zellner 



■ t« ■ ■ ■ * 




La ... 

Football Q&A with Senior 
Captains Kevin Cangiano, 
K.C. Mondello and Tim Pike: 

Q: What game did you score best in? 
Kevin: 62 points against Wayland- it was on 
TV and we were amped for the game. 
Q: Why do you enjoy playing your favorite 

K.C: I flat out just love playing Linebacker. 
Linebacker is great because for that split 8 
seconds that the play is going on. all you 
need to focus on is staving intense and 


Q&A with Senior 
Captain Elizabeth 


Q: Is it ever scan or nerv e-racking 
to throw your teammates, or to be 
thrown, into the air? 
A: Yes! If we're trying a new stunt 
it's scan because it's something 
new and you don't exactly know 
how it'll go or if it'll work. You just 
have to trust that your stunt group 
knows what they're doing and your 
coach wouldn't have you do a stunt 
you're not ready for. 
Q: How are your competitions 
different than cheering at football 


A: This football season we only 
went to DCL's in Beverly Mass. 
It's different from football games 
because we don't have to pump up 
the crowd or cheer for the football 
team. At competitions the only 
things that matter are your team and 
y our routine. All you can focus on 
is yourself and your teammates. 
Q: Who is your inspiration? 
A: Mrs. Billouin is definitely some- 
one who I look up to. I strive to be 
like her for so many reasons. She's 
the best coach I've ever had. It's not 
easy to deal with twenty teenage 
girls two hours a day five or more 
times a week. She's always there 
for us even if we're not in season. 

She helps all of us through our 
problems and takes on more than 
just the responsibilities of a coach. 

She's such a friendly, upbeat per- 
son, and anyone who's cheered for 
her is lucky to take a little bit of her 
with them throughout all aspects of 

their life. 


t — -/I 

- . . - ' 



"Conquest is making sure to al- 
ways stay positive and encourag- 
ing every member on the team to 

be the best player they can be." 

-Nevin Whalley A 

Hard, Smart, Together: Soccer Wisdom from 
Captains Mike Thorsen and Nevin Whalley 

As a team, we work well under pressure by coming together 
and really focusing on what we need to get done. Whether 
it be scoring a goal or marking up on defense, we just make 
sure that we focus on the task at hand. The most challeng- 
ing game we played this year was either the C-C game where 
we won 1-0 or the Somerville game where we also won 1-0. 
Both were very tough opponents and we knew we did did not 
only have to give our best efforts but also to play at the top 
of our game. The best moment of the season for me (Mike) 
was scoring my first legitimate varsity goal against Tyngsboro 
with the crisp passing of Alex Kovacs and Zach Berman. The 
best moment of the season for me (Nevin) was getting the 

shut out against C-C, the now State Champions. 


"Together we are one. I am a member 
of a team. I rely on the team. I defer 

to it and sacrifice for it. Because 
the team, not the individual is the 
ultimate champion." -Mia Hamm 

Top Row: Coach Laurie Willey, 
Jen Zolla, Alexandria Capozza, 
Alex Giglio, Elizabeth Watson, 
Michaela Criniti, Taylor De La 
Pena, Stephanie Parham, Julie 
Reynolds, Coach Dave Wilson. 
Middle Row: Sarita Biswas, 
Kristen Baratta, Ashleigh Ander- 
son, Maria Tiano, Alyssa Chase, 
Marina Boebel, Sally Waters, 
Laura Plansky. 

Bottom row: Kristen Cangiano, 
Tori O'Connor, Louisa Bauer, 
Heather Smiles, Sarah Stimson, 
Gabby Bard, Mirella Ruggiero, 
Kristina Barr, Kelsey O'Connor. 

• m 


1 V 

J » " ® n me 2009 girls soccer team, the whole 

was greater than the sum of its parts. We 
owe our success to strong leadership from 
the seniors, a supportive coach, team unity, 
and a determined will, an attitude that 
refused to accept defeat." 
-Louisa Bauer 


(J^^J nG * ^ omrmtment * s Dem § at ever y game and every practice. It's about 
* giving your all 100% of the time and making smart 
choices on and off the court. The team is only as 
^^^^ strong as its weakest link." -Katie Coe 

This season was a memorable success for the BHS girls volleyball 
team. Although the season got off to a rough start, the team 

pulled together after an impressive victory against Concord- 
Carlisle, and won nearly every game afterwards. During the 
course of the championship tournament, the Lady Bucs defeated 
the number one seed, Greater Lawrence Technical School, three 
games to one. The girls made it through three rounds of the 
tournament before they were defeated by North Reading in the 



• V 

"It's bittersweet to look at this year's freshmen 
volleyball girls playing with so much passion and energy. 
It's been four years, and I'm still playing with the same girls 
I played with on my freshmen team. Volleyball really chal- 
lenges you to toughen up, and be more embracing of all the 
people you learn to trust. I've gained sisters on this team, and 
it's rewarding to see how much they've developed in their 
game and in life." -Wendy Lin 


The Field Hockey season 
in their own words... 

"We had a new coach who made us 
believe in ourselves and it really bettered 
the team. Scoring 7 goals against Newton 
South was a great win and made us all 
feel really good. My fellow captain Callie 
was a great leader and we worked really 
well together on motivating the team. 
The girls were great and even if we didn't 
have the greatest record, I think we had 
the most fun and made great bonds." 
- Victoria Taggart 

"I think we all acted as our own idols. 
Each teammate had something they 
would excel at and was recognized for. 
When you were younger, you could see 
how talented the older players were, and 
soon enough you would grow to be just 
as successful. If you're lacking good role 
models, it's very hard to find what you're 
looking for; there's a loss of direction. 
All the seniors acted as active role mod- 
els for each other and for the underclass- 
men this past season. We all had a sense 
of accomplishment from it." 
-Callie Anderson 

f 1 

* ^1 



"Dedication is what you bring to the golf 
course every day. The attitude and determina- 
tion to always want to get better." 

^\^S^^ "Dedication 
is wanting to be at 
the course and practice every- 
day. Doing everything you can to 
ur game and be the best you can." 

- Danny Antonoff 

Captain John Isnor's Greatest 
Golf Moment: 

"My most difficult win was when I was a sophomore play- 
ing against a junior from Wayland. I was intimidated but I 
knew I just had to play my game. We were tied going into 
the last hole to play. At that point I was in the "zone". I hit 
my second shot to about 8 feet to the hole, drained it for 
birdie to win the match." 

Captain Danny Antonoff 
on Leadership: 

"Our tournament hopes were crushed earlier than we had 
hoped this season so we really had nothing to lose in a lot 
of our matches, but we had a lot of fun playing the "spoiler 
role". Even if I don't play competitively in college, I'll 
definitely still keep playing anyway because golf is like no 
other sport in the way that you can play forever. Obviously 
Tiger Woods is the most well known golfer, but with his re- 
cent activities I would not necessarily call him an idol. Be- 
ing a role model for other teammates is showing up to the 
course everyday with the right attitude and working hard 
on your skills. Leading by example is equally, if not more 
important than what you say to get your teammates going." 

^-1 £± +-| "Perserverance is go- 

\J-C1111C/: ins the extra mile." 

• ing the extra mile." 
- Sarah Gault 

"Work hard and be positive" 
was the motivational saying 
that BHS Cross Country 
runners kept in their heads. 
Both boys and girls teams had H 

phenomenal seasons. Every t 
runner improved timewise and 
as hardworking individuals 
on both the boys' and girls' 
teams. Each BHS runner came III 
to every meet and practice > 
with a good spirit and positive 
attitude. Although running 
is said to be an individual 
sport, the members of the 
team worked together and 
encouraged each other to be 
their best. With great times 
and great coaching, the BHS T 
cross country teams improved V 
stride by stride. % 




L 0' 

41 P 

2nd ROW: Marin Gardner, Alice Hwang, Becky 
Waghorne, Kiana McAuley-Pomeroy, Lillie Zacharakis, 
Tory Waldron 
1 St ROW: Hania Pisera, Talia Miller, Marci Rohtstein, 
Eleni Drivas, Allegra Scharff, Caroline Slak 

Field Hocke 






13 W 2^ 11 ■ 13 I 4 


3rd ROW: Bryan Blair, Nick Cebry, Noah Dines, Jamei 
Kuo, David Matthews, Adam Carmichael, Nick Bermai 
Andrew Spector, Craig Kelly 
2nd ROW: Christian Chavez, Alex Cordero, Mike 
Lee, Nick Taylor, Kirk Choquette, Senen Paez, Andrew 
Ciangrande, Mike Ringuette, Robert Doherty 
1 St ROW: Guen Cyphers, Robert Daley, John Roselli 
Joey Gallagher, Nate Rogers, Lev Macht-Greenberg, 
Tyler Pierce 


Girls' Soccer 



I* I w ■i'ir Tm«m i j 

3rd ROW: Kelly Williams, Paige Crockett, Cassie Baker, 
Bethany Rennich, Scout Pierce, Eliza Stacey, Maddie Werth, 

Coach Leroy Spann 
2nd ROW: Karlona Frank, Hannah Mardini, Melissa 
Landman, Julia Powell, Katie Higgins, Kristen Plansky, Audrey ' o 

Adams M, 

1 St ROW: Katie Luczai, Christine Bahtarian, Sarah Cowles, 
Kristina Washer, Holly DeHart, Rachel Aldorisio, Jackie Brady, 

Field Hocke 

Hailey Millar, Jenny Segal g | ,q ' 

2nd Row: James Burnett. Connor 
Higgins, Jason Latady, David Lee, Jared 
Badia, PJ. Manning, John Roselli, Eric 
Wicks, Mike Marshall, Olek Pisera, Alec 
Rodrigue, Jack Linnehan < 
1 St ROW: Robbie Bridgeman, Daniel I 
Bustamante, Mark Dunlea, Joey jk 
Gallagher, Austin O'Conner, Conor I 
Lavery, Jojo Linden, Ryan Foster 


"Success is pushing yourself to 
reach your full potential to make 
your dreams come true." 
- Kristen Cangiano 

"Success is ^^^^ 
achieving your goals. 

( If the goal of a season is to master a certain skill, 
i.1 or score more points, and the team achieved that, 

J then they were successful, even if they lost every 
. game." - Jamie McConnell 



Most Challenging Win: 

"Definitely the AB game. We came out strong because we 

were just trying to have fun instead of being so concen- 
trated on winning. Our performance was top notch and we 
won the game. It was really rewarding to beat one of the 
biggest and best teams in the league." -Kristen Cangiano 

Successful Season: 

"Everyone had an awesome season, and the sophomores 
have especially stepped it up and been very helpful this 
season. We all got along really well and enjoyed playing 
together which helped us come together as a team." 
-Jamie McConnell 

"Mikey and I try to be good role models for our other teammates 
by leading by example and always playing at 100% and not 
taking plays off. We stay focused when it's time to focus, but we 
know when to have a good time too. We have a lot of experi- 
enced seniors so we play very well under pressure. We had two 
big games against Wayland that we played very well in and a 
our most difficult win was against Arlington when we were able 
to win in OT. Everyone stays calm when the game is close and 
we need a couple stops or buckets to win. We come into every 
game prepared so we have nothing to be worried about." 


EITalgllliKJgrthTu tnat<Min^!q ^^^^^ f J 

n^^H^i T^T'"* MW vT > ^'i T ;*"Tj 

tfawasMagiqlBiinisMasia 1 _ ] < " " ~j 


tragi <qp> m m^^M^ fesfl) D @aii$^<^fltafife 


. A f\ "Spirit is putting everything you've got into ■ 

1 1 ^> wnat y° u ' re passionate about. It's wanting 
I * to be there and caring 100%. It's being 

^^^^Ak positive and always having a smile on your \ 

^\^^r^V face. :) " - Nikki Lespasio j**>. 

Q&A with Captains Nikki Lespasio & Bri Murphy 
Q: How does the team work together under pressure? 
Bri:As a team I think we use pressure as motivation to work 
harder and to make us perform better in front of a crowd. 
Q: What has been the team's most difficult challenge? 
Nikki: The most difficult is learning a routine at first or 
learning to work together with a new stunt, but, practice 
makes perfect. Once you do it enough, you start hitting it 
consecutively, and it feels great. 
Q: Who are your cheering idols? 

Bri: My cheering idols include Kelsey Rule (from World Cup 
Shooting Stars) and Kiara Nowlin (2x World Champion Power 
Tumbler and a member of California All-Stars). 
Q: How do you strive to be a role model for your teammates? 
Nikki: I'm a listener and I like hearing what the girls have to 
say because their inputs are important. I like making collective 
decisions as a team so everyone is happy while trying to do 
what's best for the team as a whole. 

Swim & Dive 
Captains Marta 
Pisera and Dennis 

''Most of the pressure from competition comes 
"from personal goals and best times that each 
athlete is hoping to beat. The members of the 
|swim team are very self motivated and are 
competing against their times and not so much 
the person in the next lane. As for my swimming 
idols: Patrick Frazier. That is all." -Dennis 

"Our team is very small, and this year we faced 

different challenges then we have in the past. 
Although our team is a coed team, we swam 
the majority of our swim meets this season as a 
(double dual meets, in which the boys only swim 
against other boys and girls the same. With a 
team of merely 12 girls and 10 boys it becomes 
tough to put together a consistent winning 
team. With this in mind, every meet becomes 
a challenge and I am happy to say we finished 
the season at just under 500. Although this 
was disappointing, both the boys and the girls 
have put together some great swims, breaking 
school records that have stood for over 30 years 
and having half of our team qualify for state 
competition. This season was definitely the best 
for myself personally and for the team as well. 
We had more postseason qualifiers that we have 
ever in the past, with both boys and girls breaking 
relay records and Dennis breaking a record in the 
50 free, many personal best times, and of course 
Rachel and Jen finish 1 & 2 at states in diving. 
People were very goal oriented this season, and it 
led to success." -Marta Pisera 


The Rifle Season in the Words of Senior Captain Tori O'Connor 

"In rifle, the 4 best scores for each match get added up to be our team score. Gloucester is definitely one of our 
most difficult competitors. Last year we had a really good season, and we had a strong senior class that motivated 
and encouraged everyone to improve and do their best. If I end up going to Texas Christian University, then I will 
most likely do rifle with them, which is a NCAA Dl school. I just randomly picked up rifle last year, so I didn't 
really know much about the sport before then, but last year's captain, Ethan Harrington really inspired me to do 
well. To be a good role model for my teammates, I try to have a positive attitude about everything. Even when I'm 
having an off day, I show them that it isn't always easy to succeed, and that any shooter can have a bad day." 


'a Hockey Q&A with Captains 
Jimmy Collins and Senior 
U John Isnor 

]f Q: As a team how do you work together 

and play under pressure? 
^ Jimmy: We played the best games while 
$ we were under pressure. We went out 
*and beat Lowell once and tied them once, 

John: Out of the four 
years I have played for 
Bedford, this year was 
the most successful. 
We came together as 
one big family and 
helped each other to 
be the best we could. 



/^I y^y -I— | -g^-l • "Speed can be defined as 
LXv^ J. XX X^/ • physical and mental quick- 
ness and is obtained through practice, observation, and 
effort. Overcoming the fear of falling and flying down 
the course, not letting anything cross your train of 
thought except for the gate in front of you is attained 
with speed. Speed is essen- 

-Ann Campbell ^^^^^W^W^r 

Words about Skiing from the Senior Captains 

"My idols are Bode Miller and Ted Ligety." - Matt Tiano 
"Of my four years racing for Bedford, this year's team was defi- 
nitely stronger than previous years. We had a great group of rac- 
ers who strived to do well each day. We improved individually 
and as a team over the course of the season. We placed higher 
in races and had one member of our team qualify for States and 
two other members qualify as Alternates. We have a lot young 
talent that has great potential to improve in the years ahead. 
Our team also had strong team unity and bonded excellently" 

-Amy Campbell 
"Ok ski racing works like this. ..You wait at the top of the "great 
Mount Nashoba" while freezing your butt off. When you finally 
start going down the course, it is the coldest 30 seconds or less 
of your life because the wind, even if you don't have a race suit 
on, goes through every article of clothing you have on right 
down to your bones. After your frozen run, you try to warm 
yourself up if you have another race. The two races that we 
participate in are called slalom (quick turns which require you 
to punch the poles out of the way) and giant slalom (long turns 
which require fast skis and confidence to not fall)." -Nick Giglio 


Indoor Track 

V*\\ "Tenacity is a combination oi flw \^ 

2\ ^AV dedication, determination, and „ 

a relentless drive to reach one's 

goals." -Sarah Gault 

Thoughts on the Season 
from Senior Captains 
Sarah Gault and Andrew 

"I believe that staying calm and focused are key to 
excelling under pressure-having the support of your 
team definitely helps. I try to be a good role model for 
the team by leading by example. I work very hard to 
improve my own performance and I encourage others 
on the team to do the same." 

-Sarah Gault 

"I find that the team excels under pressure when some 
of us are running and we can glance to the side of 
the track and see all of our teammates cheering us 
on. We had a smaller team this year than we've had 
before, but the underclassmen look very promising 
and I can see them doing extremely well in the future. 
There is a wide range of talent and commitment to the 
track team, so I find that the best encouragement is 
to challenge those who want to work hard in order to 
make them better." 

-Andrew Thomas 

DEFINE: "Getting Involved" 


AF&Intcrailtural Club 

W ft - - .^P 

latin Club 

El Club de fopanol 

The Spanish club celebrates the vibrant cultures 
of Spain and Latin America. The club gives 
members a chance to experience the cultures 
through food, dance, ana movies. They come 
together to enjoy the language and cultures that 
they are learning. Sra. Laurencio is the advisor. 


Buena suerte a la clase de 2010! 

Asian Cultural Es 

The Asian Cultural Exchange highlights the cultures of Asia. 
Under Mr. Lee's guidance, they try to explore Asian culture 
through games, food, movies, and stories. 


8 Olympics 

i ^Massachusetts 


Courtney Stacey, Anne Dickinson-Meltz, Left to Right: Ariel McManus, Gabby Queenan, Eli 
Inus, Najee Jenkins, Haley Merlo, Jacob Mar- Barkovic, Elisabeth Watson 
/as Ravi, Jake Bograd Denton, Anoush Arake- 
fen Cangiano, Julina Nocera, Hailey Rhodes, 
Ashleigh Anderson, and Mike Avakian 

Bottom Left to Right: Anne Dickinson-Meltz. Anoush 
Left to Right: Carina Montrond-Silveira, Claire Miller, Sonya Arakelian, Heather Kaufmann. Top Left to Right: Lori Merlo, 
Rauschenbach, Hannah O'Connel, and Hailey Rhodes Molly McCarthy, Hannah Mardini, and Michael Marino 





"There is always a lot of 
fighting, but it's all worth 
it in the end." 
- Justin Linscott 

"Nothing is ever gonna turn 
out like you plan it will. The 
audience is totally uncontrol- 
lable, and you can never plan 
on how they are going to 
react. So just go with it." 
-Eileen Goodrich 

9 • W- + 

"Tournament is the highlight of my year! It brings 
me together with people I wouldn't otherwise 
get to hang out with. The bond we form and the 
experience is truly unique and something very 
special. I can't wait to win again next year!" 

-Anna Walling 

"The night of Tournament is so special. While 
most groups are just getting ready, I know for 
the Class of 2011, we don't get ready - we get 
PUMPED. You can hear us from down a couple 
of hallways... So for me, the weeks leading up to 
performance night are worth pulling through so 
I can make it to the day of Tournament of Plays, 
which makes all the hard work worth it." 
- Katitlyn Crockett 

"With such a short timeline, the adrenaline was 
pumping to get this finished. We all really had a 
great time putting it together, and we had fun!" 
-Valerie Whiteneck 

"I could write a book on what I 
took away from Tournament, but 
for the most part, it's the friends, 
and overall just the chance to do 
something you wouldn't normally 
do or would feel weird about do- 
ing. It's always great to try new 
things and experiment with your 
creativity, and this is the absolute 
perfect way to channel that." 

- Devin Jacobs 


"It's one of the best experiences 
I've had at BHS. Sad it's all 

- Nikki Lespasio 

"My favorite part of Tournament 
was definitely the bonds that we 
made. Over the past four years 
there had been so much clashing, 
but at the end of it, we were a very 
cohesive group. We have a lot of 
talent in our grade and watching 
it come together is incredible." 
- Anoush Arakelian 

"The entire experience was ful- 
filling. I loved being around all 
of my drama friends, and I love 
being on stage and in costume. 
It's such a great event, and I'm 
lucky I get to be a part of it." 
- Tessa Rosenberry 

"There's a lot that goes into a perfor- 
mance. You learn this when you're a 
part of the production, rather than 
spectating. No matter how seem- 
ingly small a part one might have, 
everyone's participation is integral. 
When you're in the audience you 
take the performace for granted." 
- Dan Kipp 

"The hardest part of Tour- 
nament ... is not peeing 
your pants when you walk 
on stage." 
- Justin Kovacs 

Sevan Delgarian and Jacob Throckmorton 
cry hysterically whenever that are asked if 
they have a question for the guests in the 
Freshman play. 

The other students look on as Michael Marino asks 
Katie Segal about how his butt looks in his pants in 
the Junior play. "Kim Kardashian aint got nothin' 
on him!" 

"I took away a new love for the theater. I've 
been involved in plays in middle school, 
but I'd never experienced creating a play, 
working on it, and making it our own. It 
was such a wonderful experience that I'll 
never forget." 
- Molly Cain 

"Yeah, Baby!" Nathan Leblanc exclaims, 
thrusting his hips as his classmates look on in 
horror in the Junior play 

Lilli Goldschmidt and Rose Mary Turner gossip about 
boys and fashion during the Sophomore play. 

Nikki Lespasio hugs a Jonas 
Brothers covered wall before she 
finds out that they have been eaten 
by zombies in the Senior play 

1 to won 

Best Play: Juniors 
Best Ensemble: Seniors 
Best Stage Craft: Juniors 
Best Acton Mic hael Marino 
Best Actress: I mil> Cao 
Best Supporting Acton Dan Kipp 
Best Supporting Actress: lal V/Hteneck 
Best Newcomer Male: Rooty BrWgeman 
Best Newcomer I emale: \lvssa Catties 

The Plays... 

Ireshmeii: me Ever \iier 
Sophomores: Skvldi W hite u I he Seven Ok Ks 
Juniors: Anaml) 
Seniors: Ihe Gospel According 10 sieve 




Harold Hill- Jesse Dickinson-Meltz 
Marian Paroo- Heather Kaufmann 
Marcellus Washburn- Kaitlyn Crockett 

Mrs. Paroo- 
Winthrop Paroo- 
Charlie Cowell- 
Mayor Shinn- 
Mrs. Shinn- 
Zaneeta Shinn- 
Gracie Shinn- 
Tommy Djilas- 
Constable Locke 

Amanda O'Donnell 
Katie Luczai 
Michael Marino 
Dan Johnston 
Anne Dickinson-Meltz 
Rachel Cooley 
Sarah Cowles 
Jack Linnehan 
Christine Bahtiarian 
Kyle Whitmore 

Conductor- Kiana McAuley Pomeroy 

Valerie Whiteneck 
Tory Waldron 
Victoria Clare 
Kylie Foy 

Ethel Toffelmier- 
Alma Hix- 
Maud Dunlop- 
Mrs. Squires- 

Eileen Goodrich, Eric Tate, 
Robby Bridgeman, James Doud 
Dance Captains- 

Aryn Colonero, Courtney Stacey, 
Tessa Rosenberry 
Nathan LeBlanc, Mark Dunlea, 
Kari Lua, Colleen Nugent. Holly 
Drake, Maria Linnehan, Rosie 
Els Crijns, Jennie Segal, Devon 
Tate, Emma Dombkowski, 
Pamela Weidman, Jess Doucette, 
Sevan Dulgarian, Sara Weaver, 
Amy Jacks on. Lea nna Silvestrone 

"What can I say, my dear, to make 
it clear? I love you madly, madly, 
madam librarian " 

"Gary Indiana, Gary Indiana. Gary 
Indiana, Let me say it once again! " 

4H l©_ 

TYo* # //#/<?, talk a little, pick a little talk a little, 
cheep, cheep, cheep, talk a lot, pick a little more. " 

"Shipoopi! Shipoopi! Shipoopi! The girl 
who 's hard to get. Shipoopi! Shipoopi! 
Shipoopi! But you can win her yet. " 


"All the hard work, long 
practices, late nights, lack of sleep, 
stress, and effort become worth 
it Ion 

opening nightl. The 
feeling is unbelievable.' 
-Anne Dickinson-Meli/ 

"The best tning about the dance 
rehearsals was 
the break at 4:20!' 
-lis Crijns 

"I loved getting in touch with m\ 
inner Irish spitfire mother' 
-Amanda Darnel 

"I he most interesting aspect 
of the show for me was 
being a girl, plaving a guv. 
acting like a girl" 
-KaWyn Crockett 

"Ihe best part of all shows is 
alwa\s the same: the Irieixls \ou 
make, the people you 
deal with, and 01 course 
opening night!" 
-Mfchaei Main 

"M\ favorite part of the 
musical was how much of 
a lamlY we became." 
-Ar>n potmen) 

AglKie: harmony 


This year, we came back, bigger and bet- 
ter. We've had a 
fresh start and created something unique- 
ly our own with the marching band. I 
think our new legacy will last us for 
years to come. 
-Val Whiteneck, Drum 

GCdBs ODD© G&mX3w 

What is marching band? It's a 
band member's whole life throughout 
band season. Students utilize skills 
learned at band camp, in school and 
elsewhere, and of course they make new 
friends. Band creates memories of great 
times. Last year, marching band col- 
lapsed due to lack of participation, but 
the band kids recruited and got others 
interested in joining. This year the band 
is back on its feet and out onto the field. 
They produced a winning season with 
three staahs at a MICCA band competi- 

Right-Three Staahs! The marching ban 
marches onto the field at MICCA fina 
in Lowell. 

Below: Aryn Colonero holds the flag at 
attention during rehearsal. 

irk 4 

■ ^ 4 I 

1 if. 

Above: Ben Bosco and Beckv 
Latia Durant playing in Waghorne twirling 
the pit. a fla 8 at practice. No 

wrong notes there. 

I 1 ' 

Above: Nick "Javy" Cebry playing the 
saxomophone in rehearsal. 

Above: Chris Bridgeman calls the band into 
formation at a MICCA tournament. Above Left: 
Line! Line! Line! Low brass lines up in formation Right: (esse Leister tooting his own horn about 
at MICCA. how awesome the trumpets are. 




"It was really awesome of the 
football team to brave the weather 
and come out every friday night 
to watch and preform at our band 

-Chris Bridgeman, Drum 

Top Left: Julie Latady shows off her hand eye 
coordination in the dynamic color guard routines. 
Top Right: Els Crijns proudly waves the Bedford 
blue color guard flag. 

Left: "I don't want to work, I just want to drum all day". 
The drumline beats its way across the field. 
Below: The band performs the tune "Watermelon man" 
at a MICCA Finals in Lowell. 


Above: Val Whiteneck conducts the marching 
band at a MICCA tournament. 
Above Right: Alton Barbahen and Carl Gocht 
show us their spirit. 

"Band Geeks are my favorite 

- Kaite Segal 

"This year the pit never went off 
step, and the color guard was 
always perfectly in tune." 

- Ben Bosco 
"Marching band is like a game of 

-Nick Kemperman 
"Joining marching band was 
the best decision I have made at 
Bedford High School. It is such 
an amazing group of people who 
are like family to me now. " 

-Allegra Scharff 
"It s the cat's meow" 

-Bryan "B-ry" 

"Trumpets kick brass!" 

-Robby Bridgman 
"CrasH N' BurN." 

-Augustine Villanueva 
"I'm so glad I decided to join. 
I got the chance to get to know 
many new people. It was a great 
experience and I had a lot more 
fun than I expected." 

-Lindsy Pang 
"One of the most fun things I've 
ever done in High School." 

-Evan O'Mallev 

2i (SSM^pooo 



Chris, Fargo and Sarge. And to my friends 
Jason, Matt Roth, and Shelley. Also a 
special thanks to my best friend Alyssa 
and to Stretch. We have had some pretty 
good times over the last couple of years. I 
love you both and there is no way I could 
have gone through high school without 
you guys! 

-fli/een McCftoxij 

Thanks to my family, friends, teachers, 
and some random others: I've appreciated 
all the rambling conversations that no 
one else can follow and the laughter 
when I felt lousy. To everyone who's 
tolerated me bursting out laughing at 
random moments without explanation, 
taking way too long to pack up my bag, 
monologuing about Victoria Woodhull, 
being way too intense during classroom 
debates, or making nasty comments 
under my breath (and laughing at them 
even when you shouldn't), thanks for 
putting up with me. To anyone who's 
ever laughed at my clumsiness or weird 
sense of humor, gone on an epic trip, 
attempted to sacrifice someone to the 
Sun God in a minipool, driven me home 
at random times, tolerated my venting 
or babbling, babbled back, fought over 
going to the Super Special Cardboard 
Recycling Unit Thingy, humored me 
implying that they had more issues than 
me, overanalyzed animated movies in 
my basement, suffered through evil 
classes, made tea at one in the morning, 
or contemplated a freshmen-fueled 
bonfire during lunch, you've made high 
school worthwhile. Ish. To those who 
understand my random topic changes, 
unexpected inappropriate comments, 
obsession with the sun or pirates, Katie's 
new lyrics to Elmo's World, or the quote 
"I wear spandex, and then... I don't!" 
you're all awesome. Definitely weird, and 
kinda insane- but hey, that's why you're 
cool, so thanks! 


First, I'd like to thank the academy. 
Furthermore, I'd like to thank the band; 
Paul, Cotter, at one point Alex, even Matt 

in seventh grade band class. Thank you 
Mom, Dad, Shadow (the dog) and my 
cousin Dan. Without them I wouldn't be 
the same person I am now. My family's 
encouraged me to be creative, intelligent, 
and most of all, loving with my soul, 
body, and mind. Lastly, I'd like to thank 
teachers and staff of BHS for putting up 
with my shenanigans. My life has been 
centered around everyone I've mentioned 
for the past four years; the years that 
are most important to me, the years that 
shape my very existence. I have been 
influenced by those closest to me in many 
ways that will help me in the years to 
come. As we divide and go our separate 
ways I will always remember the good 
times, and look forward to many more. 

4)l*x fiaLL 

Mom And Dad- Thanks for always being 
there for me and supporting my decisions 
It's not easy dealing with Joe and me, for 
1 8 years but you have done well. Joe- 
All said and done, you've been a good 
brother. We've had a lot of good times so 
let's just try and remember them. Finally 
I want to thank all of my friends. I wish I 
could thank all of you individually, but at 
fifty cents a word that just isn't going to 
happen. After four years of High School 
you should know who you are because 
we have been through a lot together. To 
make it simple, if we have ever chilled in 
my basement, went on a late night CVS 
run, shared a winless lacrosse season, 
cruised around in my car before lacrosse 
practice, I made it through a class last 
year, spent a summer life guarding, seen 
Kid Cudi and Asher tear it up at the House 
of Blues, thought it was a good idea to 
run from the VA cops that one night, 
or have helped make these years some 
of the best, I am Thankful. Basically to 
everyone, through the good times and 
bad times it's been real. No complaints 
and no regrets. 

■@Ltj55ci Atalonetf 

"It's better to be absolutely ridiculous 
than absolutely boring "-Marilyn Monroe 
First off, to my Mama-I want to thank 

who I am and I could never repay you for 
all you've done. You are my Sunshine. 
Daddy- Thank you for giving me every- 
thing I've ever wanted, I will always be 
your little girl, I promise. Shel- Glad we're 
as close as we are buddy! Victoria- Our 
laughs have been countless since 5th 
grade & they're still going. I will never 
forget your rainbow turtleneck, hopefully 
those never come back into style. See 
you in college, love you! Sair- "Meeow" 
Thanks for understanding and keeping 
a smile on my face, even if it wasn't a 
time to laugh tehe, xoxo hunnay. Steen- 
Thanks for always listening. "Wait, 
what?" You're FAB and I love it. Kiarra- 
You're my girl. Irena- Thanks for the 
healthy relationship haha! Tim McDonald- 
When it comes down to it, you're my best 
friend, no matter what. To the rest of 
my 2010 guys and girls- Thanks for the 
memories, we finally made it! Congrats 
and good luck! 

First, I would like to thank my parents 
for raising me to be who I am today. 
You have influenced me more than 
you'll ever know and I am extremely 
grateful for that. Thanks to my family 
and my friends for always being there 
for me and giving me some of the best 
memories I have. I also want to thank 
all the teachers who have helped me to 
be successful in my high school career. 
Even though she probably wont see it I 
would especially like to thank Mrs. Mayo 
for staying after school with me every 
day during freshman year and helping me 
understand algebra just so that I could 


-5ia "TtamlfLai, 

"Thanks to Mom, Dad, Kevin, Derek and 
of course Lucy. I also want to thank 
my friends Stretch, Jason, Lauren, and 
Shelley. A special thanks to my best 
friend Abby, I probably couldn't have 
survived Bedford High with out you!" 

unaware of." - Mr. Berlino 

"Trust no one who speaks the truth." - 

Mr. Sunderland 

"You're a mack daddy womanizer." - Mr. 

There have always been nerds.and they 
have always been pantsed." - Ms. Tocci 
"You're not one to take the normal route 
if you can find a more interesting way." 

- Mom 

"Nobody sleeps during Kwanzaa." 
The shorter the skirt, the flappier the 
flapper!" - History video 
"If I get it all down on paper it's no 
longer inside of me, threatening the life it 
belongs to." - Breathe (2 AM) 
"Don't cry because it's over. Smile 
because it happened." - Dr. Seuss 

Thank you Mom for not getting mad 
the many times I was up until sunrise 
reading/writing/working on History Fair 
Thank you Dad for giving me your sense 
of humor. Thanks to both of you for 
seventeen years of free room and board. 
Thank you Emily, for daring to question 
the social norm on a daily basis. Thank 
you Meggie for always knowing how to 
make me feel better, and Memere for giv- 
ing me the key. I miss you both. Thanks 
to my friends for putting up with me and 
my various obsessions and oddities over 
the years - you all rock. Thanks to my 
teachers for making me learn even when 
I didn't want to. (Especially to those of 
you who wrote recommendation letters 

- you're the best!) Thanks to my favorite 
writers for some amazing reading mate- 
rial over the years. Thank you music for 
giving my life a soundtrack. Thank you 
TV and the internet for providing avenues 
for procrastination. Thank you BHS, for 
four years of Tournament, musicals, 
Shakespeare, sports, and everything else 
in between. Thank you Bedford, for being 
the most marvelously dull town ever. 
Thank you everything and everybody 

for helping me become who I am. I'll 
remember you always. 

Mom - Thanks for teaching me to be a 
good person and always listening to me.. 
Dad - Thanks for helping me with sports 

insiders, awesome cooking, thanks 
Ifor being an amazing friend. Kels, Gig, 
iBrendan, Sally - Thanks for the countless 
memories. Andrew and Richard - Thanks 
for helping me pass chem and bio. Alii 
- camp, drivers ed, English, so much fun. 
Emily, Gabby, Jacqui, Katie - volleyball 
would not have been the same without 
you. Tates and Cains - thanks for feeding 
me and allowing me to crash your 
homes for days on end. Mr. Hebert, Mr. 
Sunderland - thanks for the awesome 
recommendations... I hope. Finally, to my 
teammates, dance girls, BSA, teachers 
and coaches and anyone who has ever 
made me smile, thank you very much. 
Congrats 2010! 

$ndtzew "Thomas 

First I would like to thank my family, my 
mom and dad for putting up with me for 
18 years and supporting me in everything 
that I have ever done. I also want to 
thank my sister who makes all the family 
events fun and gives me my sense of 
humor. I would like to thank all my 
friends, both old friends and new ones, 
you all are awesome. Good luck next year. 
Sports have been a huge part of my life. 
I would like to thank everyone who has 
played with me on school and Phantoms 
soccer teams and all the coaches I have 
had throughout the years. I also want to 
thank my track coaches and the track 
teams for all their encouragement and for 
the good times. 

Mom, Dad, & Armen: I know it was a 
difficult ride, but you guys mean the 
world to me! Thanks and I LOVE YOU! 
XC Girls: "Give me some knucks!" Your 
positive attitudes, negative splits, and 
teamwork was inspirational! Tennis gals: 
Join the party! You guys are awesome! 
BellaChords&Mads friends: Concerts, the 
retreat, and many gigs. You guys are such 
great people! Shelb, Sair, Weez, Wen, 
Mol,&Nizhum: Talking about boys, watch- 
ing sad movies, eating, and laughing until 
we cried are all memories I will keep with 
me forever. Louisa: Thank you for being 

they never will. To all other teachers 
and friends, thanks for such a great high 
school experience! 

So much has happened over these past 
4 years that has made me the person I 
am today. High School has been a huge 
step in my life filled with laughter, pain, 
stress, sadness, excitement, anger and 
hope. I have changed so much as a person 
since freshman year when I first set foot 
into the school. Unforgettable memories 
with friends laughing, cramming for tests 
and suspenseful volleyball games. My 
girls Wendy and Anna made the season 
unforgettable! Chillin with the crew Sara, 
Heather, Becca, and Jill doin what we 
do best! Reppin G.A.B baby. My ride to 
die chick, Kelsey who has always been 
there for me no matter what the situation. 
I especially want to thank my parents for 
always being there for me and supporting 
me no matter what. I don't know where 
I would be without you. I appreciate ev- 
erything you have done for me although 
it might have not seemed so. You have 
put up with so much, being patient to deal 
with my teenage hormones I give you 
credit. You are great parents and I could 
not ask for anything more. You have 
taught me so much wisdom that I will 
take with me for the rest of my life. <3I 
love you Mom and Dad, more than any- 
thing and I just want to say thank you. I 
couldn't have done this without you. <3 

To start off I would like to thank my 
family, mom, dad, and Josh. Mom, even 
though we disagree sometimes, you have 
always done what you thought was best 
for me, and I appreciate it. Dad you have 
always helped me out either with school 
or when I just want to know a sports fact, 
I know I can always come to you when 
I have a problem. Josh, you are the best 
brother a kid could ask for, I know we 
fight a lot but I still love you. Whether 
we are playing video games, football 
in the backyard, or mini hockey in the 
basement I always enjoy myself when I 

class of 2010! 

/Sen ?2o5e 

Sometimes I needed a nudge to start 
working harder, or even working at all, 
I owe thanks to my mom, Ruth, my dad, 
Gary, and my sister Liz, for being there to 
do so. Liz: Although we may not always 
get along and seem to always butt heads, 
you continue to be there for me while 
offering a lot of help and I greatly appreci- 
ate it. Dad: If it wasn't for you, I may not 
have the sense of humor I do, and I love 
you for that. Without you, I would just be 
your average teen-age kid, but because 
of your obsession with music, racing, and 
art, I have experiences that shape who 
I am today. Mom: You're the greatest, 
from me being the cutest thing ever to 
being a fully-grown man, facial hair and 
all, you've been there for me. Although 
I sometimes get caught up within my 
own life, I do love you all. George: from 
moochers for life to now, you are a great 
friend. Mirella: whether it's your beauty 
or your playfulness, you continue to bring 
a smile to my face. I owe thanks to the 
following: friends (you know who you 
are), coaches, teachers, family, my older 
brother Ian, and everyone else who has 
been there to help me along the way. 
Let's go Bucs 2010! 

JStezndon J^&ttina 

Thank you to all my friends for putting 
up with me especially Joe Pompa for all 
the funny stuff we've done for the past 
couple years. 

"Believe that a man will not merely 

endure, he will prevail" 

"The motivation for me is them telling me 

what I could not be" 

I'd like to thank my parents for keeping 

me in check. You kept me on track when 

I could've easily fallen off and I don't 

know where I'd be without you. Mommy, 

you've always been there for me and 

would give me your last dollar just so I 

would be happy. I promise you when I get 

Lucky, Meechi, ya'll know what it is. 
BB4LTo my second fam: Sharon I love 
you forever and I will always be there 
for you. Jamie if you ever need anything 
you know I got you and I love you. Bobby 
if you see this you better hold it down in 
high school. Mr. Tracy and Ms. Ford thank 
you for supporting me through good times 
and bad times. 

MOM & DAD- Thanks for always believing 
in me, without your support I would never 
have come this far. I know sometimes I'm 
a pain, but I really love you guys. DANIEL- 
We don't always get along, but you're a 
great brother. You have four really fun 
years ahead of you so make the best of it. 
And to friends, past and present, without 
you, these past four years wouldn't have 
been the same. AMANDA- What would 
I do without you? You're always there 
when I need you and we can talk about 
whatever... Snuggleeee timeee! I'm gonna 
miss you. ERICA- You're the kind of per- 
son I can have fun with no matter what. 
You're awesome and make the best out 
of your senior year. If you're lucky, maybe 
I'll finally get you some Crocs too! JAMIE, 
you guys are great. You have all been 
there to talk to, laugh with, and we could 
always have a good time. I love you all. 
To my teammates, the guys, and anyone 
who's ever helped me out, thank you. 

Larson 4jankinl 

Carse, CC, Chankins, Car Car 
First off, thank you to my family. MOM, 
for putting up with me in my teenage 
stages. JON, for sticking through the 
hard times and keeping us a family; I 
honestly wouldn't know where we would 
be without you. DAD, thank you for being 
a dad! To TAYLOR, KENDALL, DEVON, and 
CAT thank you for everything, despite our 
fights, I couldn't ask for better sisters. To 
ALEX, ZACHARY, and LUCAS, for being 
the weirdest/best brothers I finally got to 
have. ZACHARY, as much as I hate your 
decisions sometimes, you're still there 
for me when I need you. Thank you to 

dj - : .» r -if ?.?-. .£ 

MHUfc,ta> jayhest 

;:i - :r:rf a* raaaewi SWA 

•:. ?.vs-.s.'r -s; -j: - 

& 3ay.«e'«tlatfi 

i'd. mats: :if r ie-« al r» -est r 
*e 201 1-12 aas md em r.a-H vx 
■ aaal| TeayLCI 

e : e e ■ = :v: a-: :-. : 

.:.f .:. = 

= -.-f ■:. :r Z.-~ :,f .:. s: 
■K* & i « man for you f d (fe You re 
ay pMr ■ cnaa. ay 1*0 tof & ay 
- r: : - .:. ;.: - f a. : r 

\i'f i :■. : " 5 i'i ~ \ \<\'.'Z ' f ': 

•: -f r i .i : a": f.f-. 
BeabethRae ayi 

- . . i x "ks i ~&ri sdt. sen 

v. v-.\ : 
Lie- OH www. ay 1 
aaa :: ■ " aa al hi I 
.:. .r V. a.~< .": - r 
.:. a -aof 
a- tacky te I 

-:- fir -. teacners Ms 
Vn Tdiwe M^s Monson & Mr 

t enaan worts id 1 
al Goal Lack Ctass of 201l> am 

&keuesuie r Tox'Ttee 

0kxb /Slide 

■:. .:' 
Tlnal >•:>. t» ysva fa 
■c a' ai asi RXE y *e a 

•: -;;-:i-;,',5:-r-f-: EE. \ 
tow m aa where be withoat yea. 
:.• • : :r : a.f 

.f a rti.s ::-f *:' -f 

• " • : f ,f f:a. .:. \ > 

rs :>f~f -a a ::. - e" ZE \- .:. 

; :"f? ~r " 5 _ t ::'« 


\ :• ~f s::as rn! ; : :~ 

-: - . = : = E"V^.ZV 

: = -V-E=S-\~ 

V-:> M E-\Z 

, ' - =-: :- . ::i .: :: 
rour legacy Saty. Alexa. Leah. Mon. 
Knstnt. Devon Tom I Sean. Matt 
E.a- . •: : : ; E :f • f j.f. --. 

you next FesUvus Mac. lover, yoal 
;"•.*; — f A" i" — f » r . 
wanna GP. you know ra down Dan. 


f f ; i-: .f f ;-fa f ;: 

Efl*y yoa re real 

. : . .f ::• : 

-ff !f. 

ai yeaT Yau a l greal ouy and a greai 
SahtYo. thanks, anil a 


abaty a adock the door, says it al. E 
if you've stii got aasfens. n m 
':' f ""'='• ' 

\i. - 

E-f. •: ~f 
keep ail 

a break. ^ up for a I 
yoa know I love \ 
Keep beng sexy. They're too aany p 

:s:f: f . . a fa pa 


■-' - • 


a :• :• r_- 
.rj my Gran 

"■-a-is-: --:f Vf- --: 

•: -. :f :::: : 
: - -. < -. "f V:D:-a: 4 a- 
::£:: .a-* a-: E:::. 

... - t s e -:s'- V.f 
: = :• E a :: E : E'f.f - 
Va v f .f 'if a ~ > -s"*s ; 

:-f f :f •: :>f 

L?<mnL5 U/atnet 

1 , : . I 


I vork need not be lost; that is where they 
;hou!d be. Now put the foundations 
inder them'Henry David Thoreau 
^Congratulations Class of 2010' Thanks 
I flom and dad for helping me through 
I ny years in school. Dad. your technical 
xpertise and mathematical knowledge 
J! lave been immensely helpful in any 
> ubject even outside of school. Mom. 
r our love and support have helped me 
I o be a functional member of Bedford 
r ligh School as well as Bedford. With 
r 'our help I have made it this far. I still 
s iave a long way to go, but I know that 
vith the skills you have taught me I have 
leen able to build the foundation of the 
i iroverbial castle and ensured my future 
i lappiness and success. Suzanne, I hope 
» r ou are having a good time at Tufts; 
i hank you for all the help on homework 
r nd always being a good friend. 
I hanks to all of my friends who have 
? lade high school bearable You made 
:: matching crappy movies fun and even 
t he most boring tasks interesting. 
I hanks to all of the teachers that made 
I ly education fun and interesting which 
a ave made my future prospects real. 

i hanks to everyone for giving me a super 
pecial awesome high school life, but 
really want to address the following 
eople the most Landmine, McGowan, 
eanold, Jimmy Wang loops, I meant 
ames), B.List Richard Davidson. Justin 
eung. Mike Maioney-Ward. Ryan 
■ lolloy (sartine crackers). Mark Mallet, 
t reg Rosen, Oliver Goldschmidt, and all 
r ie other people I haven't named, but 
g ou know who you are OK finished my 
„ enior thanks, now where's my cookie? 


, Do something worth remembering.' 

Elvis Presley 
„£very new beginning comes from some 
jjther beginning's end." - Semisonic. 
I losing Time 
irst of all I want to thank my family. My 
c arents, my Grandparents, Michelle. Ni- 
ole and of course Ava. You all made me 
^ mo I am today and I appreciate that so 
, Men. My friends are who I really need 
J p thank. They've stuck with me since 

liddle school and I don't know how they 
j ten did that From hanging around a 
„ re at my house to having some great 
j mes in Land's basement I've always 
j, ad a blast with you guys. You all helped 
eate the best four years of my life. You 
uys know who you are and of course 
ime of the ladies too Class of 2010 
oTim, Dylan. John and now Shaw 
gfOuth Sidaz 4 lyfe 
oT Bear 'Semper fi/ Paratus" 

To K.C . "Hey what's up" -Dazed and 

To Everyone else.. I love you guys so 

Beirut Qaco(?5 

I would like to make a toast Sorry 
Nick, u can't have any Just kidding, 
but legrt, I don't think I could have made 
it through high school without some of 
you guys here. Chris, where the heck do 
I start? Every bromance novel out there 
was written about us .btw I have no 
idea how many bromance novels were 
actually written, probably not that many 
Nicolicolicolus. I'm sorry for ail the crap 
Chris and I gave you over the past 4 
years U don't deserve it Ur my bro and 
ur staying that way Jenrffus is my #1. 
I can honestly say you re one of the only 
people I can truly be myself around, and 
I love u for that I'll call u when I'm 40 ;). 
Mom, Dad, I think I'd just be applying to 
college right about now rf it weren't for 
you two pushing me forward, but now 
I'm going to (insert college here) and I 
couldn t be more exerted. You've always 
had my back and supported my interests 
Wei keep in touch haha.Wrfey. Luke. 
Amy, Kelsey, Molly. Alii, Sally, Nick I, 
Zander. Alexa, Paul S, Sarah W, Aaron 
K. Hannah, Jacqui. Sean P. Stoop Kid. 
Victoria, Matt B, AJex G. Alex R. You 
guys made my high school expenence an 
experience Keep it classy BHS 

"Pylon Koun<£akjti 


Nicknames: D, Koun-dog. Dookje, Doogie 
Howser, Dyran, K-Man, Dye-Ian 
Thanks to my parents for all the support 
they gave me: Dad for driving me to 
school when I missed the bus. Mom for 
helping me edit my papers, and both of 
you for your incredible nagging ability 
Without your love and patience. I 
not be where I am today Also. 1 
my brother Derek a k.a Bruce for stick- 
ing by me even if I didn't always have 
time for him. I can t wart to see hew 
you do in high school Thanks to Mme. 
Flannery for putting up wrth me for three 
years, to Mrs. Faulkner for making math 
interesting, to Mr. Lew for |ust being 
himself, and to Heavy B and Sundo for 

shout-out goes to M-PYRE Nick. Oliver, 
and Zander, for all the good times in high 
school, we ve got to make sure to stay in 
touch when it s over Next Jake, Sean, 
and Shreyas, it was wonderful workjng 
with you on History Fair Our trip to 
Maryland is one of my favorite memo- 
ries. To Kevin. John, and Cotter, four 
great years of hockey and lacrosse, even 
tnougn we nao our ups 
Louisa, thanks for being a 1 

out Abo. snout-outs to Sand, Nevm.Tra- 
vis, Sarah, Anoush, Oan, Wendy, Shelby 
Alex, and the class of 2010! 

Mom and Dad. words can't express 
how much you mean to me. In every 
situation you ve always had my best 
interest at heart and in mind. Everything 
I pursued you supported me. You got 
me through the bad times and you 
made the good times even better. I love 
! with you, I cherish every 
: God for blessing 
i I've ever 
met I hope and strive to be Tike you 
every day Grandparents- 1 love you so 
much, thanks for filling my life with 
joy, inspiring my future, and helping me 
become a better person. Aunts- You've 
given me a wonderful childhood Your 
stories shaped my imagination and have 
always made me laugh. Adam- Thanks 
for always being a shoulder to lean on. 
and always putting up wrth me. You re 
my favorite I and only ) brevier I love and 
miss you. Cousins- 1 wish I could see you 
more From all the games we've played 
and times we've shared, thank you for 
always giving me a reasan to sank and a 
visit to took forward to BHS faculty- 1 ap- 
preciate all you ve done for me. Friends, 
thanks for getting me through the last 

you. Thanks for helping me deal win 
everything life's thrown at me! 

£\san AbztiJudl 


5 » i" t"* i Z ' ZiZZ i 

Andrew. Dan. Nkk. and Sean for all the 

vould like to thank Ms. Saw 
for making sure I got a i ~. tiz~* z~.~i 

would liketo thank my mmmi&aA for 
always being there if I 

all matters of lite And finally 1 i 
to thank. 

: a:s "~?s; as" - <r3 s 

Helo everybody. I wouU ike to use the 


paying for expenses, tasks. Next my 
goon menus &> e ircrar., 

Gabby, Gabs. G-flaby. Gabsy 
McmfrOad: There aren t words to 
describe my gratitude for having such 
--=: -; V;- 

— ; 

to be the best person I can be You're 

- r.. I~: r.'j : 


Thanks mom and dad for always being 
there and squeezing the true potential 
out of me =) I love you guys! Thank you 
Dimitra for making me sandwiches really 
late at night and always being there for 
me, your best sister a guy could ask for. 
Papous and Giagias, you guys were the 
best and made me realize what it was 
to be Greek, I'll never forget the lessons 
you taught me, i ll always love you guys. 
And thanks to all my friends for all the 
fun times we've had and the fun times 
to come. 

(ftej Prolan 

It would be impossible for me to thank 
anyone before my parents for their 
unyielding support and encouragement 
for me to succeed. My teachers as well 
have proved to be indispensable in my 
High School experience and every single 
one has my utmost gratitude. However, 
I would be nowhere without my great 
friends. Not only do they put up with 
my crazy antics but they can always 
be found laughing alongside with me. 
Jabode [The man with too much testos- 
terone and could move the earth]. Zander 
[Superhero and Internet Videos], Shrey 
[Computer Programming for 3 years/ 
4 to much to say], Showheel (Sahil) 
[Junior English with Hebert rocking the 
Socratic Seminars], Paul+Peter [Halo / 
XBL buddy], Louisa [AP Physics partner 
in crime taking on you know who], Nevin 
[Chem + Calculus great times in both], 
Gabby+Kristina+Sarah [Enthusiastic 
Bedford Farms moments], and Tim B 
[Beating me in Basketball and will one 
day probably arrest me]. To anyone else 
who I forgot thank you for four fun years! 

I came into this school 4 years ago a 
boy overwhelmed by society and the 
excitement of all that was new. Saying 
that this transition was remarkable is 
certainly an understatement. I would 
like to thank my parents for putting up 
with me and through so many things in 
my life. I even thank my brother, Sam 
and although we have some rough times 
you're still a good brother. I am leaving 
a strong and determined man with 
more than I could have asked for. I have 
always balanced the bond of brother- 
hood of my camp friends between the 
great friendships I have at BHS. And to 
all my friends at Bedford: Zander, Mark, 
and the rest of 20 1 thanks for the great 
times, I'll miss you guys. This class, the 
class of 2010 is something that is larger 
than life. The great friendships I take 

from this place will be with me forever 
and for that in the words of Lou Gehrig "I 
consider myself the luckiest man on the 
face of the Earth." BHS 2010 

■f/eatket Ka.ufjm.ann 

"We must stop expressing love merely 
by our words and manner of speech; we 
must love also in action and in truth" 
John 3:18 

To my mom, for always being there to 
talk to about anything and everything. 
To my dad, for encouraging me to try my 
best, however much that may be. To my 
teachers, for giving me a reason to love 
learning, and for doing their best to teach 
me the most they could in four short 
years. To all my friends— Bedfordites or 
otherwise-for sharing my experiences 
with me: sf, roadtripping to Houlton, 
taking crazy pictures, middle school min, 
laughing, singing (Madrigals, acappella, 
etc), eating dried mangoes, exploring, 
talking all hours of the night, texting 
me back all hours of the night, and 
bearing with me even when things got 
rough. And to my God, for giving me the 
strength and motivation to persevere. 
Thank you all so much. 

4jeathei J^oitler 

Mom and Dad, I would like to thank you 
for supporting me all my life and never 
giving up on me. Thanks to my brother 
Peter and my sister Stephanie for helping 
me to study for quizzes and helping me 
with my homework. I'd like to thank my 
teacher, Ms. Savarino, Ms. McGregor, 
Ms Flora, Ms Rosen and many others for 
supporting me and making me a success- 
ful person. I will use the skills you gave 
me all not only in school but I will use 
them in life. To my friends I thank you so 
much for being there when I needed you. 
Without you guys, I would have been 
lost. I will treasure all the memories we 
shared, the good and the bad. Thanks for 
making me smile when I was mad, being 
there for me when I needed someone to 
talk to, having someone to comfort me 
when I was sad, and to have someone to 
share good news with. No matter what 
it was, you guys are always there for 
me and that I will always be grateful for 
having met such friends in high school. I 
love and thank everyone who had helped 
me make this journey wonderful and I 
will always cherish the memories for the 
rest of my life. 

4/eathet SmiLte 

"Eventually it all falls into place... until 
then, laugh at the confusion, live for the 
moment and know that it all happens for 

a reason." -Sex and the City 
SENIORS: I was looking at all the 
yearbooks trying to get an idea on how 
to actually write my senior thanks, and 
it shocked me to see how much we've 
grown and changed since freshman 
year. The past four years have been a 
rollercoaster, so thanks for taking the 
ride with me. Good luck in the future! 
MUM: Thanks for celebrating my suc- 
cesses, and comforting my failures. I'm 
so glad I "picked" you. I'll try to keep my 
dorm room clean! 

DAD: Though you deny it, we're defi- 
nitely best friends. Our arguments will 
never replace our fun memories. I'll miss 
you and mum boatloads. I'll text you 
everyday! =) 

AARON: Brother Bear! Thanks for a great 
1 7 years and for making me laugh. 
TEACHERS/COACHES: For the tough 
criticism and helpful advice. I couldn't 
have done it without you! 
SOCCER GIRLS: Thanks for an unforget- 
table four years. We've had a good run, I 
love you guys! 

THOMAS: For always having a positive 
outlook on life. You have taught me so 
much. Thanks for always putting a smile 
on my face. 

THANKS: Manya, Alii, Marta, AlyssaT, 
Abby, Kira, Michaela, Callie, Jamie, Bri, 
Julia, Gabby, KristenB, AlyssaC, Coral, 
TaylorTrash, Sarah, Tori, & Guys. 

SJtana ?2lmk.u5 

Thanks to everyone who has been in my 
life one way or another because each 
and every single one of you has taught 
me something or changed me in some 
way. I specifically want to thank my 
parents for always supporting me and 
loving me and Barbora for being the best 
sister a girl could ever hope for. 
"Who needs friends when you have 
friend?" "wwjd?" "Who are you?" - 

"I am NOT peer pressuring you!" - Char :) 
"Yeahh .. I can't stop smiling either" - Sir 
"There's a difference between hot and 
pretty?" - ZRB 

Qake /SoO'iad-'&enton 


I have finished 

the lessons 

that you've assigned 

these years 

And which 

you were probably 


for a reason 

Forgive me, 

they were mostly forgotten 
so trivial 
and so dull 

However, there were some lessons that 
changed my life, both in and out of the 


And those will mean more to me than 
you will ever know. 

^antie Atc&onnell 

Mom-Thank you for always doing things 
for me even when I didn't ask, you made 
high school a lot easier and for always 
filling me in on the latest gossip. I love 
you! Dad-Thanks for always taking me 
to do fun things and always willing to 
do anything for me! I love you! Bobby- 
Thanks for always protecting me even 
when I may not have wanted it, and 
even though we fight I will always love 
you and maybe, I'll even let you sit on 
my bed one day! lol. Sammi-Thanks for 
always being there for me no matter 
what. We've had our ups and downs but 
I'm gonna miss my box of strawslHAHA. 
Kristen-Thanks for always keeping me 
sane even when everything got so crazy. 
You have been an awesome friend and 
I'm gonna miss our movie nights!CalPal- 
I m gonna miss all the weird things you 
do, and hanging out and having a blast 
even when we aren't doing anything. 
Erica-My junior buddy! Thanks for 
always being able to make me laugh and 
singing the national anthem with me 
after basketball! Donna Tiano- 1 could 
never thank you enough for everything 
you have done for me! I also want you 
to know Bandit is coming with me to 
college. Alexis Rudd-I will never forget 
everything you did for me throughout 
my life. You will always be my favorite 
babysitter to scare! GIRLS&GUYS-Thanks 
so much for all the good times through- 
out high school, you made it unforget- 

Qaton JlltchfoULd 

I've always been told that high school 
will the best time of my life, and now 
after going through four years of it I've 
realized it's true. My family, especially 
my parents, has made me the person I 
am today, so thank you for everything 
and I love all of you. To all my friends... 
it's been a long twelve years but you 
guys made it well worth it and I will 
never forget the times that I've had with 
all of you. 

fennfot Pudcs 

"We should consider a day lost when we 
have not danced at least once or laughed 
from the heart." 

Thanks Mom and Dad for all you have 
done and your endless support. You 
have always encouraged me, and shown 

ie so much of the world. I wouldn't 
3 who I am today, without you. Nick: 
/here do I begin, we have so many 
eat memories; Fenway, P.F.Chang's, 
rewster, and atop the Eiffel Tower, 
ou've won my heart 40-love. Sarah: 
haring all the good and bad times 
igether, you are the sister I never had. 
it of laughs.with the "zenith" being 
ance and Italy. You and Katie made 
istory Fair a trillion times more enjoy- 
)le and I am eternally grateful that 
)u didn't make me record the quotes 
Devin & Bridgeman: So many crazy 
nes together- randomly showing up 

my house, pulling me on the sled, hot 
bbing, trampoline, cookies, ping-pong, 
id late-night chats. Thanks to all the 
achers who have challenged me and 
oadened my perspective. To my fellow 
irvivors of Algebra-ll, History Fair, AP 
lem-Bio-Calc, I'm happy to have shared 
ese experiences with you. Thanks 

my second family, my gymnastics 
ammates and Coach Tom, who has 
ived my life countless times; So much 
n with Dance, Swim & Dive team, 
/eryone else, thanks for the laughs and 
emories over these 1 3 years together 


ixplore, Dream, Discover." -Twain 

\otdan 4jijjin3 

ivery story has an end, but in life every 
id is just a new beginning." 
ie people I would like to first thank are 
y parents. You have accepted every- 
ing I've thrown your way and both of 
iu have taken it with patience and love. 
)u have always let me be the person 
ho I am. You have guided me along 
is path and helped all you can. Now 
lave reached a point where I must go 
t by myself. I've learned from you both 
at with hard work and your best effort 
imes success. I'm happy knowing that 
iu both are always there for me and are 
ihind me for the support I need. I love 
iu guys so much, thanks for putting up 
ith me all these years!! To my brother 
mnor, I'm happy this year we were 
lie to share the same school and see 
ich other for the beginning of your high 
:hool years and the end of mine. You 
ways have some wise remark to get 
e to smile. I'm proud of you and will 
ways remember the memories we 
ive shared over our years growing up 
gether. Lastly thanks to my amazing 
iends whom have decided to stick with 
e these past years. We have all shared 
i many awesome times, the good and 
e bad. I love all of you and hope we 
ave many more memories to come. I'm 
(cited to see were life's going to take 
e. Thanks! 

"So tonight you better stop and rebuild 
all your ruins, because peace and trust 
can win the day despite all your losing." 
-Led Zeppelin 

"Heroes get remembered, but legends 

never die" -The Sandlot 

"Here is to a long life and a merry one, a 

quick death and an easy one, a pretty girl 

an honest one, a cold beer and another 

one!" -Irish Saying 

Mom and Dad, I love you and greatly 

appreciate all the countless things you 

do for me on a daily basis. Everyone else 

keep living life, that is all you can do... 

I'm really not sure where to start, but 
I guess I have to start somewhere. 
First off, THANK YOU to my parents for 
helping me out and it means a lot that 
you would do pretty much anything to 
help with my education. Kyle dude, great 
times ever since I met you in 6th grade 
and it's been mad fun ever since. Richard 
dude, bike camp, canoe camp=great 
times. Evan dude, I've been friends with 
you for a long time now and it's been 
fun. Mike, I guess I can say you're a 
cool kid, sometimes. Ryan dude, your 
pretty awesome and fun times hanging 
out with you. Brianna, I'm glad I got to 
meet you and we became best friends in 
no time and I'll see you around. Britany, 
I know you moved away during 10th 
grade, yet I'm still your friend not matter 
what and I just thought it be nice includ- 
ing you in my senior thanks. James, 
you're one of the smartest guys I know, 
thanks for helping me with homework 
and being a cool person to talk to. Derek 
dude, fun times playing tag and just chill- 
ing. It's been a great 1 2 years of school 
and you guys are the best! SENIORS 

Keith AiondaLLo 


"It's not the size of the dog in the fight; 
it's the amount of fight in the dog." ~ 
Dwight D. Eisenhower 
"Good times, bad times, you know I've 
had my share." ~ Led Zeppelin 
"Back Off." 

Dad, I'm so thankful for your countless 
hours in the backyard. You've shown 
me how to be an athlete and a man. 
Mom, thanks for everything. I know I 
don't seem appreciative at times, but 
just know that I love you and couldn't 
be more thankful. Dan, thanks for being 
a great role model. You always know 
how to make me laugh. Tim, thanks for 
setting the bar of achievement so high! 

I'm proud to be in your shadow. Tiano 
Family: thanks for being my second 
family and for your love and generosity. 
Keep that room over the garage open, in 
case I move in one day. Coach Belcher, 
thanks for being so devoted to the team. 
Not only have you taught me how to be 
a player and a champion, you taught me 
how to cherish every waking moment. 
Scotty J, thanks for sharing those 
priceless memories with me. You are my 
oldest and best friend and I look forward 
to our memories to come. Finally, thanks 
friends! I know that we'll stay close 
and have many more great times in the 

Kevin (?anjlano 

Mom and Dad, thanks for pushing me to 
be the best I could be in the classroom 
and on the field. For four long years 
there was the constant nagging, and af- 
ter grueling practices all I really wanted 
to do was eat dinner and take a nap. You 
guys never let me take the easy way out. 
I love you guys a lot and appreciate all 
the support you've given me throughout 
the years. Kristen, not too many people 
can say they have a twin, but I'm proud 
to say you're mine. We may have butted 
heads every now and then, but overall 
there were much more good times then 
bad. I love you a lot, but want you to re- 
member that you may always be a little 
smarter then me, but you will never be 
a better athlete, no matter what anyone 
says! Thanks to all my classmates and 
friends for making high school so fun. 
Not one day went by without a good 
laugh, and I'll never forget all the good 
times we've had throughout the years. 
Thanks to my teachers and coaches for 
teaching me new things and motivating 
me to do better. Sports have been a big 
part in my high school career and I want 
to thank all my teammates for making 
every moment so enjoyable. 

Klatta U/tlfkt 

I thank god for everything in my life.l 
could never get through hard times 
without the prayers and faith in him. 
Mommy, you have always been there 
for me no matter what. I honestly look at 
you as my best friend and my hero. You 
are and will always be my inspiration. 
Key- 1 started my freshman year with 
you and every moment of high school 
with you as my friend has been wonder- 
ful. You truly are a great person.luv ya. 
*Cinnabunn* all our great memories 
mann I'll never forget you. You kept me 
smilin all the time wether i was upset 
over boys or just needed it. when we're 
together the world goes crazyy "luv ya 
ma" G & Dewayne- i luv yaw soo much! 

You guys truly are my role models and I 
hope we never lose touch. Alyssa- leeks 
you already know! Brittani-you gon 
always be my girl. Senior year would be 
nuthin wit out you! i love ya* najee- we 
might butt heads sometimes but you noe 
i luv ya yeaaaah baaaabyyyy. laquann- 
my sugarplummm ill neva forget the first 
day i saw you and i enjoyed spendin ya 
last year with you. i love you very much 
and always will, donnette owens- words 
cant explain what yu mean to me. i know 
you'll always be there for me. i love you 
very much and i know god made you my 
guardian angel* i thank all the teachers 
and people in Bedford for making these 
years the greatest, these years in high 
school have been unexplainable I'll truly 
miss HS here's to the 201 seniorrrssss! 
we did it! 

Ktllten @ancjlano 

Mom- Thanks for being the one I could 
turn to for anything, from proof reading 
my papers to brightening a bad day. I 
don't know what I'd do without all your 
help. And thanks for making my friends 
jealous of those perfect homemade 
lunches haha. Dad- Thanks for all the 
sports tips, although after a bad game I 
was probably reluctant to listen. Thanks 
for pushing me to do well in school and 
in sports, as you have been an inspira- 
tion to me in both categories. Thank you 
both for believing in me and supporting 
me at my games. Kevin- It'll be great 
not having to help you with homework or 
fight over the computer anymore. From 
day one we've gone through everything 
together, and I wouldn't change it for 
the world. Having you to compete with 
definitely made me step my game up. So 
thanks for the unlimited memories, and 
I'm sure when the luxury of my own lap- 
top subsides I'll miss yelling at you to get 
off the computer. Tim- 1 can't imagine 
my high school experience without you. 
Thanks for being there every step of the 
way. Friends- Thanks for making my 
time at BHS so much fun. Sports games, 
dances, parties, and just hanging out, 
there was never a dull moment when we 
were together Thanks for all the laughs 
and countless memories. 

Ktlitlna /9&tt 

Mom and Dad - Thank you for being 
there and supporting me through 
everything. Also, thanks for putting up 
with me; I know I sometimes wasn't 
the easiest person to get along with 
Megan - thanks for everything, letting 
me steal your clothes, cooking when 
I was lazy, and most of all just being 
there when I needed someone to talk 
to. Michael - Stay cute, I love yoy^^^ 

Gabby - Best friends since first grade! 
From popsicles to prom dresses you've 
always been there for me. Road trips, 
family vacations, jobs, and just so many 
random nights. Through the good and 
bad times I know I can always turn to 
you. Lyss - Thanks for endlessly talking 
about boys, clothes and everything in 
between. You're fab. Sarah - Thanks for 
always being such a good friend, and of 
course for the accents. Happy motha's 
day Jackie. Victoria - "oh she, oh she 
so international." Thanks for blasting 
Jesse with me and always picking up 
the pieces when I fell apart. Kristen - 
Thanks for rapping songs back in the 
day, and being so sporty and athletic. 
Brett - Thanks for making high school 
memorable. Mel - Thanks for always 
being the crazy and obnoxious one. Laura 
- Space, lipilicious, everything -sides, 
love you. 2010 Boys - Thanks for all 
the laughs and fun times. Class of 10 - 
Congrats to everyone, we did it! 


To start off, I'd like to thank the acad- 
emy, my parents, and my teachers.My 
mom, without her, I wouldn't have easily 
understood mathematics.My dad, he was 
great motivational support for me! Mr. 
Niven, for the 2 years I've spent with 
you, you are my favorite teacher and my 
essays are proud to be corrected by you. 
As for my friends: 

Richard Davidson, had fun planning to 
humiliate Mike. Mike Maloney-Ward, 
Richard and I have nothing to do with 
humiliating you. Rob Maxon, you're bad 
at video games.Justin "Jay" Yeung, you 
inspired me to write this note, we've 
had some good times indeed! Especially 
in track! Tristan Sjolie, you're no longer 
at this school but, man, everyone one of 
us has a memory of you when you were 
here. You, Jay, and I had funny, embar- 
rassing, and trouble-making moments... 
Mostly trouble-making but that's okay. 
And lastly, I'd like to make a shout out 
to Ryan Molloy who has been one of my 
best friends for years and high school 
would have been like. ..not high school 
without him. 

I'll see all of you guys again. 
Seniors 2010 

Nickname: Weez 

Mom and Dad, you've challenged me 
as a person and a student while still 
being great friends to me. Dad, thanks 
for putting Bill Cosby on in the car to 
Dartmouth. Mom, thanks for being my 
best Boston/shopping buddy. You are 
and continue to be my mentors and role 

models. Thank you Hayley for putting 
up with my occasional teenage angst 
and being such a fun time (I wanna be 
like you mancub...). I love you all so 
much. Thanks to my friends, in Bedford 
and all over the country. I'll never forget 
our memories over the past 1 7 years: 
surviving all nighters with gmail chats 
and animal crackers, girls nights, hot tub- 
bing, emo trio, water country (planning), 
and singing in the back of the HF bus. 
Endless thanks to my teachers, whose 
support and passion for knowledge have 
inspired my enthusiasm for learning. 
I've had great times dissecting rats, 
debating the ending of Huck Finn, singing 
"Baby It's Cold Outside," and spending 
a history-filled week in DC with Heavy 
B and Suds. Finally, I'd like to thank 
my coaches. You've believed in me and 
helped me improve so much over the 
years. Also, sports have really grounded 
my high school experience, and I owe it 
to Mr. Wilson and the girls for making 
these past eight soccer and softball 
seasons so memorable. 

Jlucla JSennett 

Thank you to my family: Mom, for being 
my friend and my mentor; Dad, for 
teaching me to fish and fix things and 
always having fun with it; Dell and Rose 
for being my best friends always even 
though you were only obligated to be my 
siblings, God only knows I couldn't have 
done anything without you. Thank you to 
my extended family: The Grandparents, 
The Aunts, The Uncles, The Cousins, 
The Friendly Compound, The Hyampom 
family, you guys have been there for me 
since day one and I love you all dearly. 
Thank you to my best friends: Ryan, for 
teaching me life lessons, I'll miss you 
forever; Allyson, Emily, Aly, Alex Skav- 
dahl and Alex Davis, Annie, Shelbie, Ian, 
Tristan, Robert, and the R0TC crew, you 
guys are all lifesavers, and practically 

Thank you: Captain and Chief, Mr. Ber- 
lino, Mrs. Kornfeld, Ms. Leshay and Mr. 
DeChellis for being so all around useful 
and amazing. Thank you to everybody 
else (you know who you are and if you 
don't, I still love you.) 

Aiatta JQitexa 

To start off, I would like to thank my 
family for everything. Mom- Thank you 
for all of the advice that you have given 
me, even when I claimed I didn't need 
it. Dad- for all of the help and support 
you have given me, enduring many long 
college visits, and teaching me how to 
do so many things. I love you both, and 
I wouldn't be anywhere without you. 
Hania- thanks for being my Swedish 

Icelandic sister and so many memories. 
Olek- for being the baby and jokester 
of the family, you can always make us 
laugh. Enjoy the rest of high school, it 
flies by. Manya- from the day I stole your 
crayons in first grade until our crazy 
adventures now, thank you for always 
being there for me. Alii- for being the old- 
est with me and showing us your secret 
crazy side, youre an amazing friend. Kira- 
for being basketball superfans together 
and of course our ridiculous conversa- 
tions. Heather- for being Kasia's favorite 
and irreplaceable memories. Tori- for all 
your motherly advice. Swim team- its 
been an amazing four years, good luck 
next season! To the class of 20 1 0- thank 
you for everything over the last 1 3 
years. Mrs Blake and Mr Rose- for all 
that you have taught me in swimming 
and beyond. Congratulations class of 
2010, and good luck to everyone! 

Aiatt J9ouret3 

Nicknames: Bow Wow, Bowser, Mattzo, 

Matty B 


"The only victory that counts is the one 
over yourself ." -Jesse Owens 
"When you can't make them see the 
light, make them feel the heat." -Ronald 

"Respect your efforts, respect yourself. 
Self-respect leads to self-discipline. 
When you have both firmly under your 
belt, that's real power." -Clint Eastwood 
Thank you to all of the faculty and staff 
who I've come to know throughout my 
time in Bedford. I've been privileged to 
learn from such amazing people and I'm 
extraordinarily thankful for all of your 
kindness and guidance over the years. 
Next, to my friends. You guys are the 
best, and I'm lucky to have you. Thanks 
for all the great memories we've had 
together.To my family: To my aunts, 
uncles, and cousins, thanks for a lot of 
good times over the years. NonieAnn 
and Grandmom, thanks for being the 
best grandmothers I could ever ask for. 
Nonie Alice, thanks for a lot of laughs, 
you're the best great-grandmother ever! 
Mark and Christopher, thanks for putting 
up with me for longer than most other 
people have known me. You guys are 
awesome! Finally, to Mom and Dad. You 
mean the world to me. and if it weren't 
for you, I'd never have made it this far. I 
love you. Thanks for everything. 

Aiatt "Tlano 

of you. Joe and Maria, thank you so 
much for being a part of my life. I would 
be extremely sad and lonely without the 
two of you with me everyday day for the 
last 18 years. Grammy, Papa, Nana, Anc 
Nonno, thank you for your support all 
of these years, through thick and thin, I 
will always love you. To the Falzone an: 
Johnson families, thank you for amazing 
memories at Loon Mountain, may there 
be many more snow covered winters an 
egg McLoons to come. O'Connor family, 
thank you for being great friends and 
always being supportive of me. To all of 
my coaches, thank you for teaching me 
how to become a good person on and off 
the field and a hardworking team player 
Last but not least, to all of my friends, 
thank you for always having my back 
and never being afraid to have a great 
time. College won't be the same withou 
all of you and I wish the best for every- 
one. I love you all so very much, thank 
you for a great high school experience 
that I will never forget. 

Aiickael ffittane 

I'd like to thank first and foremost my 
parents for everything they have done 
for me throughout the years. They have 
always supported me in every decision 
have made and they have always been 
there for me no matter what. I want to 
thank my sister Shannon for everything 
she has done for me since we were 
young and for being a great sister. I'd 
also like to thank my friends because 
they were the most important people in 
my life these last four years. They are 
the ones who have made this journey sc 
much fun and enjoyable. All my dudes 
who I am close with you know who 
you are and you guys mean the world 
to me. I want to thank the girls for the 
fun times and making high school a lot 
more interesting. I'd like to thank all 
my teammates, win or lose I have great 
memories with so many of you. I want t 
thank all my coaches and teachers that 
have inspired and helped me. Finally. I 
want to thank God because I wouldn't 
have accomplished so much in four year 
without him. It's been the best adventur 
of my life and I'm going to miss all of 
you but I'm truly proud to say I was a 
member of the Bedford High School clas 
of 2010. 

Alike "Tk 

To my mother and father, thank you so 
much for always being there for me, 
and more importantly, believing in me. 
I would never have made it this far 
without the love and support of the two 


Thorsen, Thor, Teats 
Mom and Dad, thanks for always sup- 
porting me in my sports, school, and 
choices I've made, even if they were 
stupid, and thank you for making me 
the kid I am. David, you have been my 
biggest role model ever since we were 

young, I can never thank you enough 
for letting me hang with you and your 
friends and putting up with me even 
though I annoyed you 24/7. You will 
truly never know how much you have 
influenced me. Zinz thanks for being the 
best friend I've ever had, whenever we 
hang out I know I'm in for a memorable 
experience. Kipp, we've been friends 
since, well, forever, and I'll never forget 
you prancing around the basketball 
court in kindergarten and you dancing to 
"we're going to the zoo." No problem for 
announcing that. Dave, Nick, and Berm, 
thanks for always providing me with the 
funniest times of my life; you guys are 
quite the combo. Brett I'll never forget 
our trips to Sugarloaf and the times we 
had playing soccer. Tim C. and Kevin J. 
you guys made high school much more 
adventurous, and Tim thanks for getting 
me huge. Wedgewood Staff you guys 
made work so enjoyable and I never 
dreaded a day. Soccer and basketball 
teams and coaches thank you for devot- 
ing so much time to the program to make 
the season's successful. Thank you to 
everyone else who has had an impact on 
my life, you know who you are. 

school. Thanks for always believing in 
me and pushing me to my limits. *Class 
of 20 10! We made it!!! 


Wow. There's so much I want to say, 
but unfortunately not enough room. 
Mom and Dad, I cannot thank you 
enough. You've always supported me 
and been there no matter what. Thank 
you for taking me places and exposing 
me to the world. I love you both. David, 
despite our years of fighting, I love you 
too. Thanks for letting me hang out with 
your friends, for taking my crap, and for 
being there for me. Ski team, I love you 
all. I've had so much fun with all of you 
and I will really miss everyone next year. 
I hope we will always be friends; keep 
in touch. Amy, you're the best friend 
anyone could ask for, and yes, I do know 
I love you :). Thanks for always making 
me laugh. I don't want to start naming 
everyone because I'm afraid I'll forget 
someone, but you know who you are. 
Thank you for all the laughs, experienc- 
es, and good times. Simply put: thanks 
for everything and I'll miss you all! 

*Family - Mom, thanks for always sup- 
porting me and making me laugh over 
silly little things we do. John - thanks for 
being the best stepfather anyone could 
ever ask for. Gianna - 1 don't know what 
I would have done without you through 
high school. You truly are my best friend 
and I love you for being there for me no 
matter what. Anthony - you're the best 
little brother and I can't wait to create 
more memories with you. Kerian & 
Lauren- our parents getting married was 
the best thing that has ever happened, 
and I'm so lucky to have gotten you 
guys as sisters. *Friends - Carson, Nikki, 
Callie, Amanda, Sophia, Victoria, Alyssa, 
Kristina, Sarah, Gabby, Kristen, Tori, 
Hannah, Sam K, thanks for all the great 
times. I love you girls! All my guys- 1 
love you, you know who you are. *Ben 
- thanks for always being my support 
system and sticking by my side through 
thick and thin. George - thanks for 
always telling me right from wrong and 
being right about life. I don't know what 
I'd do without you! Juniors - Julie, Mich, 
Laura, you'll always be my favorite sev- 
ies! Coach Wilson, Coach Williey, and all 
my soccer girls - I'm going to miss all of 
you so much and all the great times we 
had during the season. *Faculty - Mrs. 
Larimore, Mr. Berlino, Mr. Fay, you guys 
are awesome and kept me liking high 
school! Mrs. Jordan - if it wasn't for you 
I would have never made it through high 


First of all I'd like to thank my family: 
Mommy, Daddy, Nanna, Ms. Benita, 
Grandma and Pa Jenkins for always hav- 
ing my back and teaching me right from 
wrong, being there for me and keeping 
me strong and helping me to continue 
to strive. I love them with all my heart! 
Second, I'd like to thank Kiarra Wright 
you're the best and my best friend, mak- 
ing my time here wild and fun going to 
your house or vice versa to dance, laugh, 
and much more! I wish we could've been 
closer way before or still can become 
closer as friends. I hope that you and I 
will continue our friendship later in the 
future!! I love you Kim Kardashian! 
Third, Akeyla and Poricha for being 
the oldest and wisest ones in my life!! 
The ones I'd go to about my problems 
and boy, I had a lot (you guys know)!! 
Fourth, Evan T, Gabby D, Dale R, and 
Tierra Mack... I love you guys. During my 
journey here I've had my share of tears, 
pain, laughs, fun rides and much more 
the years I've been here. I moved here 
thinking I was going to be all by myself, 
have no friends, and walk the hallways 
by myself. I told them how much "I hated 
it here and I wasn't going to make any 
friends". They all laughed and just said 
"Jee, you have a genuine personality 
and you'll have friends in no time!" 
Last, I thank my teachers: Ms. Sav, Mr. 
Niven, Mr. Sunderland and Mr. Dechellis. 
I thank everybody that made it easier 

for me to push on, and after I graduate 
I have to keep striving and not give up! 
If I forgot anybody else I am truly sorry 
but you guys know who you are and I 
love you! 

A/evin U/ltaUeij 

The first person, or people rather, I want 
to thank are the wonderful students 
of Bedford High School. Three years 
ago, I moved here with no friends and a 
crazy European foof. However, since my 
first day here, I have found nothing but 
kindness from every student I have met. 
Thank you for making my difficult transi- 
tion one that I will never regret. I want to 
thank the teachers and staff of this won- 
derful school. Many teachers believed in 
me and pushed me to become a better 
student, while always keeping a friendly 
relationship. Thank you for providing a 
comfortable environment for me to thrive 
in. Anoush, all I can say is thank you for 
everything. You have shown me so much 
support, kindheartedness and care since 
the first time we met. I hope I have made 
your high school years as unforgettable 
as you have made mine. Finally, I would 
like to thank my mother and father. 
Mom, I could not have asked for a more 
loving and caring mother than you. Dad, 
you gave me the best life anyone could 
have ever asked for. I want to thank you 
guys for doing such a tremendous job in 
raising me. You truly are great parents, 
and I love you so much. 
Best of luck to the class of 2010. 


MOM & DAD: You both are amazing 
people who have supported me and 
guided me through the ups and downs 
of life. Thanks for being my number one 
fans and standing beside me. ALEX: 
From long car rides up to Breton Woods, 
to chasing you around the house, to 
tickling you until you cried or just annoy- 
ing you to piss you off, you are the best 
little sister any brother could ever dream 
of having. JEN: Thanks for making me 
smile and for making me a better person. 
DEVIN& CHRIS: Thank you for all the 
funny moments. I'll never forget you 
guys and I couldn't have asked for better 
friends. SKI TEAM (Amy, Chris, Brendan, 
Sally, Kelsey, Robert, Molly, Andrew, 
and Alexa): I couldn't have asked for a 
closer group of friends that we can be 
so honest with each other. I will always 
remember the times when you made 
me laugh, our group vacations, and how 
close our group could bond over this 
year. Kb: Thanks for all the fun times we 
have had growing up, skiing in NH and 

family vacations. I'd also like to thank 
all of my sports coaches throughout high 
school for making sports so memorable. 
To all I have forgotten, sorry and thank 
you. Congratulations to the class of 


Thanks to my mom, dad, and sister 
for pushing me to go farther and their 
support no matter what the situation. 
Without you guys I couldn't have gotten 
through these past few years.Oli, Dylan, 
Zander, thanks for making high school 
bearable. All the epic M-Pyre hangouts 
and late nights, I'll never forget it. 
Zander, thanks for making history fair 
actually pleasant. Great times with 
college humor and video making, even 
if some of the plans never fell through. 
Dylan, thanks for sophomore year 
history fair and letting me take all your 
French answers. Fun times chilling at 
your house playing guitar hero and 
such.Oli, thanks for the great memories, 
after school sits, and our epic ideas and 
nights.Thanks for the good times at your 
house Alex, Wendy, thanks for the good 
times in classes and being an awesome 
friend, Louisa and Anoush for great times 
in French making videos, Nevin good 
times jamming in guitar class. Sahil 
thanks for good times in history fair, 
Shreyas thanks for making the bus rides 
fun, Matt, thanks for being a good friend. 
Thanks to all my teachers, especially 
Mr. Hebert and Ms. Flannery for the fun 
times in class. And Jacqui, thanks for giv- 
ing me tons of unforgettable memories 
and for being the greatest friend I've 
ever had. 

A/lcoU Ijt 


Strawbee, Sunshine 
"Well, I happen to believe that you make 
your own destiny. You have to do the 
best with what God gave you." 
"What's my destiny. Momma?" 
"You're gonna have to figure that out 
for yourself. Life is a box of chocolates, 
Forrest You never know what you're 
gonna get." 

Thank you God; Mom, Dad, Michelle; and 
friends (including people I bother at late 
hours on GoogleTalk about school work, 
due dates, and life in general) 

A/lklci Jleipailo 

MOM&DAD: Thanks for following your 
dreams even when times got rough. 
You'll always inspire me to do the same 
TONY: I always can count on you to help 
me. You make me want to improve my- 
self with everything AUNTIE: Thanks for 

being there no matter what. Big thanks 
Teammates: FHO CHEER & LAX! 09 s: CB. 
JM,DB,JM,KH,ML,PB,NR ■ Thanks for 
always looking out for me! 
Underclassmen: BD.EH, 
Thanks for always putting a smile on 
my face & all the memories. The girls 
that helped me & gave me awesome 
The boys that know how to have 
a good time & never hesitate to 

Team Jonas & Push Play! Loves you! 
Thanks for all the good times bestie. 
TIMOTHY: Thanks for being my older 
brother & looking out for me. Love you 
bud I appreciate you so much. DYLAN 
CURTIN: Fifteen years, crazy. You're 
the person that can make me laugh no 
matter my mood or situation. You've 
always been there & the person I can 
tell everything to. There is so much to 
thank you for, but thanks for all these 
years we've had. You'll never know 
how much I appreciate you & I couldn't 
be more proud of everything you've ac- 
complished. You mean the world & more 
to me. Yeah I know, you're the man. So 
thanks. I love you. 

M 3 Sktdkk 

Thank you to my family, friends, and 
teachers for all your help and support 
over the years. You have all helped me 
become the person I am and I am very 
grateful for all the experiences we've 
shared and the insight you've given me. 

(yilvat (joLdsckmidt 

First I'd like to thank my 3 best 
friends. Nick loffredo. you are my oldest 
friend. Any time I'm hanging with you 
is a guaranteed good time. You are like 
a brother to me. Dylan Koundakjian, the 
experiences we've had together has 
shaped me into the person I am today 
and for that I thankyou. Zander Smith, 
we tear it up. You're always there to 
hangout , plan crazy events or get my 
geeky references. I have no idea how 
I could have gone through high school 
without you. I would like to thank these 
3 with the addition of Anoush Arakelian 
for helping me when times in highschool 
became overwhelming and you provided 
a helping hand. Other peers that I would 
like to thank. Dennis for always being a 
friend. Shreyas for his positive attitude. 
Tim Barry for always being able to 


make me laugh. Nevin for showing me 
a different side to music. Sahil for his 
loyality. Kipp for showing me a sport I 
love. Louisa for the amazing times we 
had junior year. Wendy for her guidance. 
Alex Ball for always being there. Emily 
Gao for introducing me to new things. 
Mom and Dad, without you I would of 
not made it to my senior year. I will 
never forget the amount of patience and 
love that you have shown me, thank you. 

JQ&ul Klein 

In the last 4 years of my life, who I am 
has completely changed. I read once that 
you are a combination of all the people 
you spend the most time with, and I 
completely agree. I see reflections of my 
family and my closest friends in my self 
every day. I really like who I've become 
recently, and I completely owe it to all 
of them. Mom and Dad, you've always 
been everything I could possibly ask for 
in parents, and you've always been there 
for me when I needed you. so thank you. 
Becky, you've always been there to talk 
to me (or to yourself), and I couldn't ask 
for a better sister. Cotter, Alex, AJ and 
Matt... You guys know the times we've 
had. Haha. And to everyone else I didn't 
mention, and to the Bedford High School 
class of 2010, 1 love all of you guys. 

I'm going to college next year? What? 
That's pretty nuts... I guess the years do 
fly by. The last four years have been a 
blur, but I've had so many good times, 
gone through so many memorable 
experiences, and have so many people to 
thank. To my family, I love you all. Perry. 
I can't even begin to recount all the awe- 
some stuff we've done over the years. 
You've taught me a lot, and kicking up 
stuff with you is a real privilege. You've 
made the journey through this stage of 
life all the more entertaining, memorable, 
and eye-opening. Mom, Dad, thanks for 
everything. Sometimes I get off track but 
you guys are always there to help me 
see the big picture and think about the 
things that matter in life. And you guys 
have supported me in soccer and other 
things that I appreciate. Yiayia, thanks 
for always being there and caring so 
much. Niko and Anastasia, I don't know 
what I'd do without you two. You're both 
hilarious and living with you both is a 
blast. To all my friends, whether I used 
to chill with you or have been recently 
or we've chilled all along, you guys have 
made my time in Bedford crazy. We've 
had so many good times, and I look for- 
ward to plenty more. The college years 

await us, and they're going to be ill. 
Thanks to coaches and teachers as well. 

P^ickatd "Pavidson 

As cliche as this will seem, I believe that 
it's imperative to make my point clear. 
I'd never considered myself to be too 
involved in the more creative fields of 
life before I came to BHS. My life was 
soccer, videogames, friends, math, and 
science. Yet, amazingly, I began to value 
my abstract and creative classes more, 
thanks to the teachers. Because of my 
ceramics class with Mrs. Devaney, I 
began to appreciate art (which had long 
conjured whirlwinds of despondency). 
Even though I had experienced the most 
miserably bad luck with that brown 
glaze, I still came out appreciating the 
class. If you haven't caught on by now 
people, I'm making a list here. Mr. Niven 
showed me how to appreciate and create 
real newspaper articles in journalism for 
three years. Plus, without him, I wouldn't 
have the courage to add flare into any of 
my writing. I can't leave Mr. Jourdan out 
there, though I could leave some in the 
middle of Antarctica for all I care (That's 
you, Conrad). Mr. Felker, you managed to 
convince me to love the drums in three 
classes. I'm not musically oriented and 
have no experience (save Rock Band) yet 
I still enjoy the djembe. To everyone else, 
I swear I'm not leaving you out for any 
reason. Support from family and hanging 
out with friends has made my high 
school experience both driven and fun, I 
will NOT forget any of you. That's it for 
the melodrama, good luck to everyone 
else out there. 

?^obext Aiaxon 

It's incredible how fast these past four 
years have gone by and it's amazing 
how much I've accomplished in that time 
frame. I attribute all of my successes 
to my parents. You guys have provided 
me with all my necessities and given 
me opportunities to do what I please. I 
love you so much. Brendan, you are 
awesome. You let me hang around with 
your crew, you've always helped me 
whenever I needed it, and you always 
entertained me. Maxie you're the best 
pet anyone could ask for. The ski group, 
I wish I had joined the group earlier, 
you're all great! We must stay in touch 
after high school. The Panthers, you 
guys were so much fun! You made 
scouting so entertaining and you helped 
me achieve Eagle Scout. Thanks so 
much for all the good times. Thanks ev- 
eryone for supporting me and helping me 
grow into the person that I've become. 

You have freedom when you're easy in 
your harness. 
-Robert Frost 

Well where exactly do I start? It's taken 
a lot of people a lot of effort to get me 
through school, and I'm probably not 
even on that list. First I want to thank my 
family, my mother, who has always seen 
the best in me, even when I couldn't. My 
father, who has always pushed me to try 
harder in all of my ventures. My brother, 
for putting up with me, and sometimes 
even laughing with me, and my sister, 
for keeping my feet on the ground. I also 
want to thank all my friends, who pro- 
vided endless entertainment and hours 
of laughter, a bright spot on boring days, 
whether it was LC or lunch. I want to 
thank the teachers who put up with me, 
despite my many interruptions. I would 
also like to thank another person, one 
who despite our original misunderstand- 
ing has been a fantastic friend. The mag- 
nitude of your kindness is immeasurable, 
and for that I owe you everything. Finally 
I want to thank a final person, Ms. Giusti, 
who tirelessly worked with me despite 
my unintelligible handwriting and 
hyperactive shenanigans. She guided me 
through incomprehensible homework, 
and all too many late tests, I'm certain 
that high school would have been very 
different without your considerable help. 
Thank you so much. 

?£tjan Ifkaur 

Shaw, Shaw Daddy, Shaw Tate, Tate, 

"Soulshine, its better than sunshine, its 
better than moonshine, damn sure better 
than rain." -Warren Haynes 
"A man is a success if he gets up in the 
morning and gets to bed at night, and 
in between does what he wants to do." 
-Bob Dylan 

First I would like to thank my parents for 
giving me the opportunity to move back 
to Bedford and graduate with my friends. 
My Mom for supporting my every move, 
my Dad for always being at every 
football game, and my sister Julie for 
being the best sister anyone could ask 
for. I want to thank the rest of my family , 
for always being there for me through 
thick and thin. Finally, I want to thank 
my friends. Especially for coming to visit 
and staying in touch when I moved away 
for the year. 

Saktl "Tembullcax 

Shohil, Sho-time, Browntown, Sweel 
First of all I would like to thank my 
parents and brother for their constant 

support and belief in me. They have been 
loving and caring and have always been 
there when I've needed them. I'd also like 
to thank the teachers at BHS for giving 
their time and effort towards making their 
students smarter. I don't really want to ex- 
clude anyone, but I know there's no way 
that I can thank everyone, so I will try my 
best. Order doesn't really mean much Dan 
Johnston, ping pong in your basement 
was very fun. Cosines of Trouble man. 
You have always been a good friend. Matt 
Bowers, your mother's cookies have satis- 
fied me for years, and you have been a 
kind friend. Zander you will always know 
way more than I know about superheroes. 
Nick loffredo, or Fredo, your references to 
CH and Always Sunny will never stop. His- 
tory Fair Group, "It's a race thing". Dylan, 
your locker will always be the center of 
our gatherings. Take a Lap. Oliver, bona 
fortuna and zoom, zoom, zoom! Pete, 
Donahue, and Nev, FIFAing and discuss- 
ing soccer has been unbelievable. Weez 
and Clab, Sa-mountain! Shreyas, Heddo! 
Fellow Panthers, it's been fun. 

Sam /Stown 

When I think of SEN10RSHANKS. only a 
few people come to mind. 
Manya, I'd zike to ZankYahhFoBeanZe- 
eOwnyUnZat hates abzolutely evahweone 
con me. =) 

Mom and Dad, I'd like to thank you for 
loving me unconditionally, no matter what 
decisions I make/what I do. Along w/the 
Grams, for giving me the stepping stones I 
need to succeed. I'd also like to apologize. 
Over the years I've discovered that no 
matter how you treat your parents, 
they're going to love you anyway, but 
your friends won't. In the past I've used 
that to my advantage, and I truly and 
sincerely would like to apologize for every 
time I've used you guys as an excuse to 
take my anger out on. I love you too. 
"like in your eyes, I see my future in an 
instant." -Savage Garden 
Derek Campbell. You've opened my eyes 
to an entire different world outside these 
walls of Bedford. I'd like to thank you for 
teaching me an uncountable amount of 
things, and showing me that best friends 
truly are forever. No matter where this 
life takes me, I hope you'll always be in 
my drivers seat. =) I love you. Hopefully I 
won't regret that... 

"Don't be afraid of death, be afraid of an 
unlived life "- Walt Disney. 
Finally, I'd like to thank Disney for making 
me believe that everyone gets a happily 
ever after. <3 

ManCourtKel, Fam[ily], Derek Campbell. 

Mom&Dad-Thank you for showing me 
the world and teaching me to be my own 
person. I hope you know nothing you two 
have ever done has gone unappreciated. 
What I treasure most is the relationship 
we have and knowing I can come to you 
guys for anything and know you'll always 
support me.Diane-I'm so happy we got so 
close the past couple of years. You guided 
me through high school and gave me 
tons of advice I'll always carry with me, 
and thanks for letting me escape to your 
school for a night. or two.TJ-my partner in 
crime, you have been my prime source of 
entertainment in the Karanian household, 
thanks for that. Be all you can be in school 
and just know you can always count of 
my vote for president. Charlotte- we have 
the best times together I can honestly say 
I am never bored with you. I could not 
have gotten through this crazy high school 
without you. TOTALLY FINE, Oh,and one 
more thing; -Cadet Charlotte, we are flaw- 
less.Jamie-you've been there for me since 
the day we met in Mr. Larson's class. 
You're always there when I need someone 
to vent to. I will never forget our nights at 
the playground.Thanks for being truly one 
of the best friends I've ever had. Thank 
you BHS staff for being there for me when 
I needed that extra little push, especially 
Ms. Morrison, Mrs. Szymczak, and Ms. 

Sata A/eto 

I want to thank GOD for being by my side 
the whole way. I also want to thank the 
most important women in my life. First, 
my MOM. Thanks for being there for me 
through all the trouble I brought you. I 
hope you're still proud of me. Also I want 
to give a big thanks to MRS. JORDAN; if 
it weren't for you I wouldn't even be a 
senior right now. Thanks for not giving up 
on me and putting up with me and Mirella. 
Love you. My sister Barbara, I love you 
even though we fought every single day of 
my life. You put me on the right track, just 
like I did for you. 

My true friends- JILL- thanks for always 
being there for me. You're my best friend 
and we had some crazy times. MEG- you 
were there for me ever since I came to 
America. Now you can watch me gradu- 
ate.AREN- Girl, you are the good one in 
our group, always had your head up high 
and always had the grades, but after 
school was always trying to find where 
the party's at.l want to say THANKS to 
everyone who said I could do it and for 
anyone who doubted me.. HI HATERS!! 
G A B mane! CONGRATS 2010! 

Satak (fault 

"Live life to the fullest." 
-Ernest Hemingway 

To my family, thank you for your uncondi- 
tional love and guidance. Mom and Dad, 
thank you both for always being there to 
cheer me on and for encouraging me in 
all that I do; I owe so much of who I am 
today to you. Jonathan, I miss not having 
you around, but I know that you will still 
always be there for me. You probably 
know me the best out of anyone, and I 
couldn't ask for a better brother. To all of 
my friends, high school would not have 
been the same without you. Thank you for 
all of the great times, for always making 
me laugh, and for giving me confidence in 
myself. Thank you to all the teachers who 
have challenged me to reach my potential. 
Thank you to all the teammates on the 
track and cross-country teams who have 
supported me and to all the coaches who 
have pushed me to work hard and be my 
best. Over the past four years at BHS, I 
have learned that I am capable of so much 
more than I ever thought. And of course, 
thank you to anyone else who I may have 

SataA Stimion 

Sair, Stimp, Stamp, Stump 
I'd like to start by thanking my Mom, 
Dad, and sister for supporting me and 
being there no matter what. Next, I want 
to thank all of my friends for the crazy, 
unforgettable times we've had. 
Gab- for being such an inspiring friend and 
helping me lead such a silly life. Where 
were you the night of September 29, 
1 929? Alyssa- for always being there to 
listen and give advice. Kristen- for being 
trustworthy and for laughing at injured 
people with me.Victoria- for constantly 
making me laugh. ..extra bucks from CVS! 
Kristina- for liking punjabi girl as much as 
me and being sweet mean steen. Mirella- 
for forgiving me for the tennis ball on 
your forehead :) Irena- for being my first 
best friend and being cherry nice. Molly 
& Laura- for pretty much sharing a brain 
with me and always being there to visit 
or chat. 

Thanks to soccer, lax, a cappella girls, and 
class of "10 boys for making things fun. 
Lastly, thanks to anyone that I've had a 
good time with or learned something from. 

Satali Wat5on 


"Women must try to do things as men 
have tried. When they fail, their failure 
must be but a challenge to others." Amelia 

God, grant me the serenity to accept the 

things I cannot change; courage to change 
the things I can; and wisdom to know the 
difference. Serenity Prayer 
Mom: Thanks for helping me get through 
everything, regardless of the situation. I 
could not have made it without you. 
Elisabeth: Thanks for pushing me to work 
hard in sports and academics. I am proud 
to have a sister that works as hard as 
you do. 

Dad: Thanks for supporting me in many 
ways. I have enjoyed all the conversations 
that we have had together. 
Faith: Thanks for being the cutest young- 
est sister. You have made my life so fun. 
Celina: Thanks for the many chat sessions 
that we have had. You have taught me to 
relax and enjoy what is in front of me. 
Nana Clare: Thanks for every opportunity 
that you have supported me to do. I will 
always remember you and your cooking. 
Friends: Thanks to all of my friends over 
the years that have made high school so 
enjoyable. I will miss all of you so much. 
Teachers: Thanks to all of the teachers, 
especially the social studies department. I 
know that BHS has prepared me well for 

Scott QoltnJon 

Scotty J, Scooter 

"Many dreams come true and some have 
silver linings. I live for my dreams and a 
pocket full of gold" - Led Zeppelin 
"When the power of love overcomes the 
love of power the world will know peace"- 
Jimi Hendrix 

"I thought hurricane season was over" 

I want to start by thanking my parents 
and grandparents for being there for me. 
Mom I know I haven't made it easy for 
you over the years sorry about that but I 
know you'll always be there for me and 
thank you for that. Dad I know I've put 
you through a lot to but thanks for being 
there and teaching me a bunch of things 
including speeding through a crowd to 
get somewhere. Derek and Kevin thanks 
for being good brothers and looking out 
for me. Lauren looks like your gonna have 
stay home alone now, but I want you to 
know I'll always be there for you if you 
need me. The Mondellos Thanks for being 
like a second family to me it's been fun 
The Tianos Thanks for making loon just 
that much better it always fun being there 
with you guys. K.C I've known you pretty 
much all my life, we've had some of the 
best times together from when we were 
5 to yesterday It's been fun always being 
together it's gonna be weird without you 
next year. Lots of visits. Justin, you funny 
guy, great times in all of our classes and 
jamming to tunes, thanks for making me 
laugh Dylan, Derek. Land, Matt. Johnny. 


Cang and the rest of the guys thanks 
for good times. Dan and AJ great times 
around the neighborhood. Josh my 
attack buddy stay out of trouble. To the 
girls and anyone else I forgot thanks for 
good times and good luck. Peace 

Sean (fteane 

Sitting here, who to thank...? 
Anyone I have ever known. 
I appreciate it. 

Shelby Sullivan 

It's such a challenge to thank all those 
who have influenced my life; shaping 
the person I call myself today, in so few 
words. To start, I'm certain I owe the 
most thanks to both my mother and fa- 
ther. "Thank you" doesn't begin to cover 
what you have done for me to enable me 
to grow up and like my childhood to my 
fullest potential. The love shared is a con- 
stant reminder of how lucky I am to have 
such great parents, as well as mentors. I 
would also like to thank my little sister, 
Logan, even though she might not appre- 
ciate it just yet. Since the day she was 
born she can put a smile on my face in 
an instant and I love her to pieces. Next, 
I would like to thank all my dance teach- 
ers of the past and present for inspiring 
me to continue and grow in my passion. 
To my best friend Leanna, I thank you for 
sticking with me through the challenges 
I've faced. I miss you so much, as the 
months pass without seeing each other, 
but we are together forever in heart 
Finally, to all my other friends, especially 
my girls, thank you for taking me under 
your wing. Being new is never easy, but 
you all make me feel so accepted. Best of 
wishes to the class of 2010! 

Shxeyai ?£avi 

With some struggles and unpleasant 
experiences along the way, I have had 
an excellent experience at Bedford 
High overall. I have certainly improved 
academically immensely and I feel 
that I am a much smarter and mature 
person than I was 4 years ago. Thank 
you to all the teachers that helped me 
do this. I appreciate the extra hours and 
time spent explaining things I was not 
sure of. Also, thank you especially to 
teachers that have advised and helped 
in my extracurricular activities. All of 
these have been excellent experiences 
especially the Math Team, Chess Team, 
and History Fair. Thanks to the students 
that were on these teams. Our History 
Fair group especially is something I will 
never forget. Most importantly, I made 
very close friends. I am not going to 
name everyone for fear that I would for- 

get someone but thank you! There were 
those of you that graduated long before 
me and those of you that will graduate 
after me, but thanks to everyone who 
made BHS a more enjoyable experience 
for me. Thank you, of course, to my fam- 
ily who supported me through all of my 
crazy endeavors. Thanks to everyone: 
teachers, fellow students, friends, and 
family, who made my twelve years in the 
Bedford School system fantastic and an 
integral part of personality. 

"Tim /Sartij 

"It's not about how hard you hit: it's 
about how hard you get hit, and keep 
moving forward." -Sylvester Stallone- 
Even though I walk through the valley of 
the shadow of death, 
I will fear no evil. 
For you are with me: 
Thy rod and thy staff. 
They comfort me. 
-Psalm 23:4 

Mom and Dad, thank you for everything 
you have done for me, I realize it is for 
my best interest and will benefit me in 
the long run I have you guys to thank 
for instilling a religious background and 
for teaching me that God will be there 
for me in the tough, the good times and 
the bad. Elizabeth, Victoria and Greg, you 
guys are awesome and you know I am 
the funny brother! It's been a pleasure 
to watch you guys grow and progress 
through life and I will always be there for 
you Mom, thank you for always driving 
me around places and for always having 
dinner ready after sports! Dad, thank 
you for showing and teaching me things 
that only a few kids my age know how 
to do. I look forward to you pining my 
badge on me someday. Thank you all for 
everything, I love you! To all my friends, 
thank you guys for many years full of 
laughter and great times! I wish you all 
the best of luck in whatever path you 
may choose to follow! 

"Tim Atc&onald 

"Let me tell you how to measure a man, 
when his world starts to fall, see how 
tall he stands." Mary J. Blige 
"If your heart's filled with faith, then you 
can't fear." T.I. 

To the most important person in my life, 
my Ma- You have been my inspiration, I 
can't thank you enough for being there 
for me through everything. You're the 
strongest person I know, I love you.To 
my Father- Thank you for everything 
you've done for me. Love you.To my 
Grandmother (my angel) - You're my 
motivation in life and I promise as long 
as you're looking down on me I'll be 
making you proud. 

To my Grandfather- Thank you for mak- 
ing the leader I am today and helping me 
with the steps to becoming a man. 
To Jamie and Bob- always got you guys. 
To my uncle Tommy, Aunts Terry & 
Nancy. And all my cousins. 
My main boys- Dennis, Abner, Lucky, 
Bee. Lil J, Alfredito, Steve, Kyle, 
Meechie, Zach, Gonzo, D-Weezy Alyssa - 
for being by my side. 
To all my teammates. 
Coach Belcher- Thanks for never giving 
up on me and making me a better person 
Sue, Cheryl, & Polly. 
To my teachers (Ms. Gisone, Mr. Lahiff, 
Ms. Twombly)- Thank you! 
I'd just like to thank anyone who's ever 
been there for me. And for ya'll who 
doubted me and wasn't part of this at 
least you got to witness! 

"Tim Pike 

Dad, thank you for showing me all the 
things I'm going to need later in life. 
You've always put me to work, but in 
the end I've learned all the values in life 
I need to succeed Mom, thank you for 
everything, you've always made sure I 
had a good meal ready when I got home 
from all those tough practices. Amanda, 
I couldn't have asked for a better older 
sister I must say following your grades 
wasn't the easiest, but it made me a 
better student. I've always looked up to 
you and watching you succeed always 
made me work harder Kristen, we've 
always had so much fun together, thanks 
for all the great memories: I must say 
I wouldn't be the person I am today 
without you. 

To all my friends you know who you 
are, so many good times together and 
I wouldn't change a thing about any of 
you. Whether it was doing the talent 
show together, going to DC or just 
"summer time chillin" I thank you all for 
the laughs and great memories I wish 
you all the best in the road you choose 
to take 

To all the families I was close with. 
Thank you for everything! 
South Sidaz for life 1 

"Tori O'&ynn&t 

Mom & Dad: You guys have supported 
me through everything. You're there no 
matter what. Thank you so much for 
everything you've done. I love you. 
Austin: I know we fight a lot. but I love 
having you around. Make the best out of 
your next 3 years. 
Gabriella: We are truly like sisters, 
we fight sometimes, but in the end we 
always love each other. I'm so glad that 
you've been a part of my life. Have a 
great senior year. 

Amanda Grace: Thanks for being my 
first friend in Bedford. We have gone 
through so much over the past 1 2 years, 
lots of ups and downs, but we've stuck 
through it. Love you. 
Stephanie: You're a great friend; we've 
been through some pretty interesting 
times together. Please be safe next year 
Justin: I really wouldn't be the same 
without you. We've been through so 
much together over the past 4 years. I 
love you. "I don't know what the ride 
along the way is going to be like, but I 
know I'll be there at the end." 
Callie, Mirella, Kristina, Manya, Marta. 
Alii, Kelsey & Everyone else: Thank you 
for being there for me. You guys mean 
so much to me. High school wouldn't 
have been the same without you. Love 
you guys. 

Class of 2010. we did it!! 

"Txavil ?2ennicn 

T-Rex, T-Payne, Sal-T, Ice Tea, T-Square, 
Green Tea, T-Party, T-Rav, T-Righteous, 
Sassmaster, T-Boone Pickens, T-Steak, 
T- Bone 

Thank you to my parents for helping me 
through all of our moves and for keeping 
the cupboards stocked and full of food. 
Dad- Thanks for helping me with math 
and science homework and playing pass 
with all sorts of different kinds of balls, 
from baseball to lacrosse Thank you for 
pushing me to do better in everything I 
did, even if it was not apparent that it 
was working. 

Mom- Thank you for feeding me and for 
taking me places in the car before I could 
take myself. Without your help, I would 
never have gotten anywhere. Thank you 
for reading all the essays, and for being 
there all the time, no matter what the 
problem was 

Thank you to all my friends, you have 
all helped me in some way. I will not list 
names because there are a lot in differ- 
ent states that I know I will forget. But 
still, thank you for being there for me and 
everything else that you did. 

"ftiltan &5jood 

To all my friends and everyone whose 
company I've enjoyed through these 
high school years, I thank you. Without 
you. my experience at BHS could have 
been much worse. I would like to thank 
my father for putting up with me and 
getting me through high school. You did 
a lot of things that you didn't have to do 
for me and I truly appreciate it. To mom, 
you've always been my number one fan 
and there is no way I could thank you 
enough. Without you, there were a lot of 
tough times and situations that I might 
not have been able to get out of. Sister, 

APES, Humanities, & Econ for a lasting 
impression of senior year. Volleyball 
girls, it's been an unforgettable four 
years and the best decision I've made 
in high school. Specifically, Aren, Anna, 
Emily, Kylie. We've laughed, sweated, 
and grown so much together during 
each season; I hope that you will 
continue our passion for volleyball. Solid 
memories, great pasta. jlackaru Jland 

Nostalgia: bowling, belting out YMCA ^ ' 
at Wendy's lot, girl nights at Shelb's, 
Flavors Of Bedford, potlucks, movies 
nights: Yeti: A Love Story, Evil Dead, 
Franglish with Flan, massages, Madrigal 
retreat & initiation, Six flag's tea cups, 
BHS's first Poetry Slam, Semi, Junior 
Prom, CFC: "Anchor!" , emo trio, street 

Finally, I'd like to thank the seniors, 
former and current friends. We've all 
influenced each other through some 
butterfly effect. Genuine regards go to 
my best friend Hao, for your undying 
comfort and support. You all have my 
heart, God bless. 

you did a lot of things for me, even when 
I didn't want you to, but I know you did 
it for the right reasons. I love you all, so 

"Cherish your past because it was your 
lesson for the future.Your accomplish- 
ments and goals only succeed your trials 
and tribulations "-Theodore Roosevelt. 
Dad-I love you so much & even though 
you can't always be right here with me, 
you're always there for me & I couldn't 
have done any of this without you. 
Mom&Rick- 1 know I have my moments 
with you guy's but in the end you guys 
have put up with me & always been 
there, thank you. And to the rest of my 
family you guy's mean the world to me. 
Justin,Serena&Erika- 1 love you guy's 
so much, I'm gonna miss you guys just 
know I'm always here for you. Jen-You 
are my best friend in the world! & even 
though you moved your still there when 
I need you Er help me through all my 
problems I love you & will always be 
here for you. Kayla- We've become really 
close these past few years b without 
you I would not have made it through 
this, I love you & always got your back. 
And to the rest of my friends&everyone 
else I love you guy's & couldn't have 
done any of this without you! "Years 
from now you will be more disappointed 
by the things that you didn't do than by 
the ones you did do so.Explore. Dream. 
Discover."-Mark Twain. Congrats class 
of '10!!! 

\Actoila (?Laie 

"Dance like no one is watching..." 
"Nobody sleeps during Kwanzaa." 
First and foremost, I want to thank my 
Heavenly Father for everything He has 
blessed me with in this life. Then, of 
course, my Momma and Daddy- you 
guys were always there to encourage 
my dreams and love me unconditionally. 
And to Val- for being the best little sister 
in the world and for always making me 
laugh. I can't believe we're graduating 
together.. .this year! So far it's been a 
great ride with you and I can't wait to 
keep going. Now to Michaela (at your 
long titled school)- for almost being my 
sister and for listening to every stupid 
thing that comes out of my mouth. I'd 
like to send a big shout out to all my 
other amazing friends, too. I won't 
be specific, because I know I'll forget 
someone. But to all of you, the old and 
the new, thanks for being awesome and 
making life so much more fun. College 
will be weird without you all. Thanks to 
all my teachers for showing me things I 
didn't know, whether I liked them or not. 
And last, but certainly not least, thank 

you to Teresa for hiring me those two 
long years ago at McDonald's, and to all 
my coworkers for giving me the best life 
experience a girl could ask for. 

1/lCtOtltZ "TcLfflGtt 

Things are changing, we're growing 

It's not goodbye but a change in heart. 
The road we've traveled was just a 

I'm sure we'll meet again. 
I first want to thank my Mom-my best 
friend. I'd be nowhere without you. You 
really are the greatest mom ever, love 
you so much! Bobby-you're a pain, but 
I love you. Chris-you're always making 
me laugh-love you. ALYSSA-besties 
since 5th gradej'll never forget that 
year when you changed meJ See you 
in collegejove you! MEL always there 
for me-so glad I met you and that you 
moved you. KRISHNA I'm glad 
we got so close. You're my girl and I 
can always be angry with youjove you. 
GABBY-you're my goofy girl,always 
making me laugh.You're gonna do big you. SAIR- countless times 
where I've laughed until tears, you 
always make me feel better-love you. 
CORA big sister-always there for me no 
matter how embarrassing. Idk where 
I'd be without you-love you. KELSEY- 
my competitive eating-dancing-singing 
partner. CHRIS so many memories-best 
friend-never forget you. KEVIN J.bestie- 
love the summers! TODD thanks for 
the ww summers and memories. BF 
CREW- Thanks for the memoriesEr more 
to come!' 10 ladies-kc ar ca nl ch sk jm 
to ko ' 1 guys-jl jb tp kc md mt dc do ji 
mt zb tb km sj tm gp zl br bw'1 1 girls-cs 
eh jm ms jr Ip mc '09 girls-cb kh eh jm 
db js mt si dd '08 girls-ms kp jr. I want 
to thank all my teachers and coaches 
who have helped me succeed these past 
4 years. I wish all the people who I've 
met here the best of luck with whatever 
comes their way. I'll never forget the 
memories that I've experienced at BHS 
because they've made me who I am. 

Wendy JLin 

"People, even more than things, have 
to be restored, renewed, revived, 
reclaimed, and redeemed; never throw 
out anyone." 
-Audrey Hepburn 

I deeply thank my parents who have 
supported and shaped me into the 
person that I am today. Your uncondi- 
tional love, guidance, and time were so 
generous. I love you so much. Teachers, 
thank you for memorable experiences: 
"Breaking Away" & classics, "House", 
History Fair, transcendental experiment, 
too many nuclear explosions... Also, 

First off, I would like to thank all 
of the teachers I have had, that didn't 
dislike me, and that helped me through 
my schooling career. I would also like to 
thank all my coaches for teaching me a 
lot about the sports I played for Bedford 
High and helping me realize my potential 
in each one. In regards to my family and 
personal life, I would like to thank my 
main man, and brother, Jacob, who has 
always been with me in my life. Jacob, 
you are my best friend and closest 
relative. Second, I would like to thank 
my parents for the caring and loving life 
they gave me. I love you both. Third, I 
would like to thank my uncle for just 
being really cool and being like a third 
parent to me. I would also like to thank 
my grandparents for spoiling me and 
always being there for Jacob and I with 
your loving and caring touch. In regards 
to my schoolmates and friends, thanks 
for many great years of school. I would 
like to personally thank my good friends 
Peter and Nevin for all the kindness and 
friendship they have shown me. Nevin 
and Pete, you have both helped me out a 
lot these years and I don't know where I 
would be without you two. 
(Thanks to everyone I missed.) 


I would like to thank my family for push- 
ing me to be the best I can. You guys are 
awesome and supportive of everything I 
do and I truly appreciate it. Dad and Mom, 
you have let me be myself while also be- 
ing great parents and influences in so 

many ways. I can never thank you enough. 
You've done good. Becca, I am so proud of 
you in all of your accomplishments and I can't 
wait to see what you do next. You continue 
to amaze me. Thanks for being a cool little 
sister. To Mike, Luke, Pete, Donahue, Nick, 
Berm, Brose, Brian, and Boo it's been a fun 
couple of years. Thanks everybody. 


"To repeat what others said requires educa- 
tion, to challenge it, requires brains."- Mary 
Pettibone Poole 

"The story of life is quicker than the wink of 
an eye." - Jimi Hendrix 
"Mean what you say and say what you 
mean" - Frank Richter 
"Back off" 

My life to this point has been helped along 
by many people, I can only acknowledge few 
here, but there are many more. Thank you. 
Mom and Dad for having me and raising me. 
Thanks to Art for helping me understand the 
world. Thank you, Michele for being here 
with open arms. Shaw, Derek, Dylan, Scott, 
Josh, Charlotte, Ben and K C. thanks for be- 
ing here all these years. Aron, Catherine, 
Alex and Lucas thank you for holding up with 
me and growing up together over the years. 
Devon, Carson, Kendall, Taylor, thank you for 
contributing to my upbringing. Everyone else, 
you know who you are, thank you for helping 
me to make me who I am and hope you will 
stay influential in my life. 

^andet Smith. 

I would like to thank my parents and fam- 
ily for supporting me throughout this whole 
High School thing. There really isn't anything 
to describe how helpful and awesome you 
guys have been, and I would know, as my 
extensive vernacular is pretty damn impres- 
sive. I would also like to thank my three best 
friends, without whom I definitely would 
have not made it through school. Oliver, 
you're the coolest kid I know, and our bro 
dates were some of the best times ever. 
Nick, people always make fun of us for being 
best gullies, but they're just jealous. Dylan... 
there really is too much to say, and for cen- 
sorship's sake, I'm not going to get into it. 
But you're my dude, Large Fry. I'd also like to 
thank Louisa for being so awesome and ac- 
cepting my geekiness, Sahil for being so cool 
(and accepting our jokes), Alex for letting me 
crash his house whenever, Nevin for being 
my second favorite European ever, Wendy 
just for being Wendy, Mark for being my ride 
to school junior year and just being so bad, 
Greg for all the fun times, Dennis for being 
my teaching partner and pal, Shelby for ev- 
erything, my history fair group, and everyone 
else I know. You're all great. My life would 
not have been the same without all of you. 


Shelby Quinn Sullivan 

"II hat lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies wtihin us" Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Sweetie - I'm so proud of what you have become. Love. Dad 
Squirtymert - 1 admire your accomplishments thus far. and can't wait to see your achievements during this next phase of your life. Keep 

reaching for the stars. I love you more mostest. Mom. 
Cee-a - you are the best sister - 1 will miss you when you go to college. I love you. Logan. 
Shelb - you fill our hearts with love and joy; we are so proud of you. Love. Gram and Pa. 
An amazing niece.. .who is going places! Love, Aunt Traci & Uncle Russ 
The best cousin in the world - 1 love you Bee-a! Love. Nicholas 


Albert James "AJ" - 
Keep a smile on your 
face and a song in 

your heart. 
Nana & Grampy 


We are blessed to have such a wonder- 
ful daughter. You are kind, caring and 
creative person. Your common sense, 
confidence and ability to make people 
laugh are strengths that will continue 
to grow and take you far. 

We love you so much! 

Mom, Dad and Daniel 

Your smile, sense 
of humor and kind 
heart has brought 
us more joy and 
happiness than you 
know. You make 
us proud every 
day. We are really 
going to miss having 
you around the 




Dad, Mom, 
Maria, Joe, 
Bandit & Lucy 




"My Itsy" 
-My Joy- 





1^ We are so proud of you and all you have 
£^ accomplished! You can do "ANYTHING, 
you put your mind to! We love you! 

We hope your dreams 
take you. the corners 
of your smiles, to the 
highest of your hopes, 
to the windows of your 
opportunities, and to the 
most special places your 
heart will ever know. 

With love, 
Mom, Dad and Ashley 
Nana and Grandpa 
Auntie K-K 

Continue to stick with your dreams and 
you WILL go far. Love and luck always, 
Mom, Dad, Elizabeth, &z Catherine 



You are truly a 
joy! Thank you 
for filling our 
lives with laugh- 
ter and fun and 
our hearts with 
love and pride. 
Follow your 
dreams, listen 
to your heart 
and never forget 
how much we 

love you. 
Mom & Dad 








Ian. we are so proud of the 
confident beautiful young woman you 
have become. You are ready for the 
world, believe in yourself and you can 
accomplish anything. We know with 
your outgoing and positive personality 
your journey in life will bring you much 
success. Learn new things, explore the 
world, challenge yourself, smile often 
and remember we will be there for you 
Love you, Mom. Dad b Connor 

Congratulations on all your 
achievements. We are so 
proud of you. Never stop 
making people laugh. Your 
love of life and outlook is 
going to take you places. 
Follow your dreams, the best 
is yet to come. 
Love, Mom, Dad, 
Amanda & Griffin 

Our Precious Girl 

Our love and prayers are yours 
as you grow with " unfading 
beauty of a gentle and quiet 
spirit, which is of great worth in 
God's sight " 

I Peter 3:4 


Dad, Mom, Tim, Stephen 



Eighteen years have just flown by. You've grown 
up to be a Fine young man. You've kept your faith 
and been a true example to your brother, sisters, 
and others. We are very proud to be your 
parents. We are sure you will succeed in 
whatever life's path you choose. Remember, that 
as you go forward, you will always have a 
support system behind you who love you and 
care about you. God Bless you always! 
"Angel of God" Love, 

Mom, Dad, Elizabeth, 
Victoria and Greg 

Kristina, it feels like yesterday that we were pushing you on a 
tree swing and now you are graduating high school. It has heen 
our life's joy to raise you and watch you grow into the special 

person that you are today. Throughout all the joy and the 
tears of growing up you were always as loved hy us as any child 
could possihly he. We are so proud of you and all that you have 
accomplished and of the mature, responsihle, caring person 
you have become. We wish you all the hest in your endeavor*. 
Congratulations, Keelcs! 
Love you forever, 
Mom, Dad, Megan and Michael 

Kristina Barr 



You've always had your own way 
of dancing across the world. 
We've enjoyed watching you 
find your way and are so proud 
of you, not only in where you've 
gone but in how you've gotten 
there. Follow your dreams! 
Love Mom and Dad 

It seems like just yesterday 
When you got on the bus 
From a little girl with braces 
To a young woman with makeup 
Growing up is hard to do. 
You have done it with ease 
As you go through your next challenges in life 
There will be more changes 
And you will flourish with 
Every passing day 

You are a great daughter and sister and 
We love you very much. 
Mom, Dad and Bobby 


"Hakuna Matata, it 
means no worries!" 

-The Lion King 


Congratulations! We 
are so proud of you and 
everything that you have 

accomplished. Thank 
you for being an amazing 

person by brightening 
our days, and making us 
laugh. Good luck to you 
in the future, and don't 
worry we will always have 
your back! 
Mom, Dad & Alex 

Smuh Watson 

tfuun the dcup when we catted (jmi "JSafuj. tDott" , <jmi 
fume developed t/au.% gifts cuid ovexcome (/out chal- 
lenges. (Ut tjaux haxd w<y%fi cuid dctewttuiatiati has 
6 taught ijau to this milestone, (/mix seniot yea*, 'We 
axe so pwud of. iyowt accoinplisfunents atid tooh fox- 
wa\d to skating the advet duxes that tie ahead. Jteep 
up the gxeat woxfL We wish fox </au the (test in college 
and luujand, 
6ux .Cove, 

.iLun, tDadda-o, tieliiux, ttisaheth, Jaith JL .\iuui titaxc 

Cheyenne Amber (Two feathers), 
CongratuCations tfigh SchooC graduate - 'Remember: Life is a Journey not a Vestination. 
"Every day is another chance to do -what makes you happy. 

5* M 

"tfome is apCace not onCy of strong affections, but of entire unreserved; it is Cife's undress rehearsaC, 
its Backroom, its dressing room, from which we go forth to more carefuC and guarded {interactions], 
Ceaving Behind cast-off and everyday cCothing." -Harriet 'Beecher Stowe 

'We hope that you'CC give Cife a fighting chance, and when you get the choice to sit it out or dance... 
>vr Mot? yov -damci! Much Love JACways, 

Mama, Sequoya, Dakota, Savannah, & Indigo 

' * 

Amanda O'Pcnnell 

fTe are so proud eft the lercly person you hare become! tVe 
Mtiti always /ore and support you /n a// you do. With your en- 
thusiasm and tore eft leaminy you're sure to meet with success 
tfherercr your path ta/rs you. Remember li(ic is a journey, not 
a destination. £/y'cy the ridel 
Lore, Mom, Pad & £miiy 

Aileen, we are so proud of you - 
in so many ways. You are such a 
special and unique person. Your 

interesting way of looking at 
life, quirky sense of humor and 
adventurous spirit are always a 
joy to share. We know that you 

will succeed in whatever you 
choose to do with your life. We 
wish you love, happiness and 
laughter always. 
We love you so much! 

Mom, Dad, 
Lindsay and Shavlvnn 







1 93 

Love, Mom & Dad 

_ CO 

£ Q 

Samantha Marie, vou have alwavs 
staved true to being honest and vour 
own individual person. This makes vou 
who vou are; a beautiful independent 
woman. It's been tun watching you grow 

over the vears and we are excited tor 
vou as vou enter vour next stage of 1 ■ t'< 
Wherever life takes vou, go with all vo 
heart. All our love, Mom and Dad. 
Cict'cha head in the game, Love TJ 

,<r Che^e ate ne endings in Ufa, 
only new beginnings..." - ^^-Utoia 

Michael - 

From "little boy" to "college man" in a blink 
■ of an eye. You are a wonderful son and loving 
brother and it has been a joy to watch your 
journey. Continued happiness and success! 

Love and Pride, 
Dad, Mom and Shannon 

Congratulations Lyss! 

We are so proud of you! Watching you 
grow from an adorable little girl into an 
amazing & beautiful young woman has 
been a joy. You have filled our lives with 
love, happiness and LOTS of laughter. 
Keep smiling, keep laughing, & always 
believe in yourself. There are no limits to 
what you can achieve! 
You are, and always will be, our 
Love you, 
Mom, Dad & Shel 

Congratulations! We are so proud 
of you and the person that you've 
become. Watchin? you ?row From the 
"En?er?izer Bunny" into the fine 
youn? man that you are today has 
been the best thin? ever! Thank you 
for bein? such a wonderful son. We 
love you very much. 
Happy graduation! 
Mom and Dad 


Dream. Reach. Inspire. Believe. 
Smile. Be YOU. 

Luckiest Mom and Dad 

You've always been so strong; I 
envy that quality in you along witr 
many others. I don't know what l'< 
do without YOU. 

I love YOU, Big Sis 

The Boy 

A second born. You 
keep us smiling. We 
are proud of your 

Love Lasts, 
Mom, Dad & 

■,. I. 

You make us thankful, proud and 
oh so happy! 

Success awaits you . . . The best is 

yet to come! 
We love you, 
Mom. Dad, Britni and Courtney 

As you sail off on your new voyage 
we wantyou to know how proud we 
are of you and your accomplishments. 
You're a wonderful young man and 
a great joy to all who know you! We 
know that you will always be successful 
in whatever course you chart. 
We wish you a lifetime of love and 
With all our love, 
Mom. Dad, Brendan & Maxie 

Keep on [rack and your 
sails will always be full of 

Dear Zander, 

We love you and 

J If 

are very proud of 


Mom, Dad 7 and 


Congratulations, Dan! 

With love and best 
wishes always, 

Mom, Dad, Ben, 
Grandma, Grandpa, 
Grandmommy, Ken, 
karen, John, Dianne, 
Deb, Alan, Miehael, Dvis, 
Chris, Andrew, Sarah, 
Alex, Natali< 


Bedford, Massachusetts